Asperger’s is not Autism / Autism is not Autism


This diagram sums it up well: the only overlap between Autism and Asperger’s is the “social judgmental” realm – there is no physiological developmental evidence for Asperger’s as a disability. In fact, it is astounding that anyone would “buy” this obvious mistake.

I came to this conclusion early on, after I was diagnosed Asperger, and began looking for information. Everything I have read and researched has promoted this conclusion. Here is a casual summary of the reasons why I hold this opinion.

Are there individuals diagnosed “Asperger”(which is currently impossible, due to Asperger’s being summarily dismissed and subsumed into Autism by the DSM 5)  Of course, but it’s not “Autistic” in origin by the very definition of “Autism” as the catch-all label that gathers together birth defects, genetic diseases and conditions, damage at birth (malpractice), congenital malformations, developmental delays or failures, including those that are the result of maternal behavior during pregnancy, that used to fall under “mental retardation”.  Autism has become a “politically correct” label – an effort to “not hurt anyone’s feelings” – Wow! Has that ever backfired! “Autism” is now regarded as a “scourge” as mysterious as the Black Plague and witchcraft; a diagnosis that sends parents, teachers and whole communities into fear-fueled panic! 

The “overlap” area of petty social defects is what holds together the claim that people with ASPERGER PERSONALITIES, and a specific brain variation, characterized by both visual and verbal expression, analytical skill, hypo-social independence from socially constructed “explanations” for physical phenomena, and protective of their individuality and freedoms. Intuitive thinkers who are outspoken defenders of “old-fashioned” values like equality, honesty, fairness, justice and facts.

As laid out in yesterday’s post, Echolalia / Cultural Distortion of Normal Behaviors this “perversion” of variation in brain type – perceptual diversity – is typical of the “encroachment” of the (not-sciences) of psychology, its myriad subtypes, and “human social sciences” into what were formerly history, medicine, anthropology, archaeology, evolutionary sciences, biology and religion.

This parasitic infection of scientific endeavors with “manmade” dogma of human behavior as pathology (mind sickness as the universal and fundamental state of human condition), which must be “corrected” by a superior and self-designated class of “experts” (the priesthood), was facilitated by the pre-existing JudeoChristian history of severe and “warped” beliefs: humans as disobedient children of an over-the-top male psychopath, who literally commits violent crimes against humanity as punishment for simply not “paying attention” to his narcissistic demands. It’s but a small conversion to modern psychological “theory” of children as “defective sub-humans” just because they “disobey” a socially constructed, and rigidly enforced, child-hating regime of petty behaviors falsely presented as “normal” – and with an absolutist god-like certainty that instills fear in parents that their child is some kind of monstrosity. Females with “Asperger personalities” are doubly-despised. We ought to know our status as “abominations of God’s creation”, after all, and disqualify ourselves from society as “deviant males”.

Why is American culture and government leadership a cruel mess of political, educational and economic disasters? Culture wars for the dominance of competing  “psycho-social” ideologies that control, rather than benefit, citizens are the goal, rather than being recognized obstacles to democratic institutions and infrastructure.

What happened to Democracy? It’s been overrun by the “recasting” of Old Testament horrors as the “science” of psychology-pathology. Inequality has been sanctified: brutal male domination is admired and promoted. Women, children, and other vulnerable populations are “in the way” – routinely diagnosed as “mentally ill” and abused, drugged, abandoned and incarcerated; sidelined from “power” (self-determination) in any way possible.

This “scheme of distorted reality” is how I know that “Aspergers” is not “Autism” – We are not disabled: we are “the enemies” of social cruelty, injustice and ignorance – that is our crime. And yes, we are punished.

The stereotype of “geeky social outcast” serves to “picture” intelligence as a tragedy that must be deleted from Homo sapiens – reserved for exploitation (design and production of technologies that enable war and destruction and resource control) for the “games” of predators at the top of the social pyramid.

Even Space Exploration has been perverted from expanding human knowledge, because that’s what science does, to the obsession with finding any indication of life on other planets  – and you can bet, that should we encounter “intelligent life” it had better fit our “social purposes” or it will be destroyed.

Don’t believe me? Just like Traditional supernatural deities, demons and dogma, extraterrestrial life forms are major players in the cultural-psych-social-political-religious war now raging in the United States. LOL.



A “heads up” warning to space life: Planet Earth is controlled by white people, so be prepared to deal with us!








4 thoughts on “Asperger’s is not Autism / Autism is not Autism

  1. True democracy is inimical to the magic(k)al worldview – unlike the hard-wired hierarchical relations of adepts and supplicants found among those of Normalistic Instinct.

    In that realm, one is either a master relative to another; or, one is a slave – save if one is outside the purview of humanity.

    Then, every Human is one’s master; and one is every humans’ slave.

    Like ***we*** are – or so Normdom labels us.


    • The U.S. is way beyond whacko at this point. We have lost contact with the rest of the world: cable news is still campaigning for Hillary; I guess they didn’t get the news that the election is over. Hysteria over Russia continues, as if hacking, espionage, and spying are anything new. Trump inauguration is 8 days away: the zombie apocalypse will then take place, and the only salvation is that I live in Wyoming, where no one pays attention to any of this.

      How’s your winter going?


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