Social Security / Granny, get your gun!

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For two weeks I have been calling Social Security in order to change some information. The SHORTEST wait time I’ve encountered on the automated system is 40 minutes.

I therefore tried signing up on line, hoping that there might be a form available to do what I need to do: You guessed it! The online website is perpetually “not available at this time” – not even to register. has been rated 1.2 out of 5 points.

A few complaints from a website that tracks website problems:

Flushed local cache, etc., no help.

Unable to open or in Chrome browser over Cox internet, over 12 hours now. Went down in the middle of a session last night.

Tried to log in using my user id and password. Takes me to the screen where I have to agree to terms and conditions. Check the agree box and hit next and it takes me back to a blank login screen.

cant get through any phone number

Our government at work under the current administration. Why am I not surprised? Similar to Affordable Care Act website?

I am trying to enter our w2s and it is not letting me sign in – is there a problem?

SSA logins are not working. On hold for a human for 40 minutes, still no answer. Is our government shut down? This is beyond ridiculous!!!

Need to get that site back up and keep it running. Need to fire some of them working on the system if they can’t get it back up in due time.

I’m an US citizen living in Australia and can’t access any social security web site for weeks.

Excessively long hold times to speak to someone. Then they disconnect when it is finally my turn. At the office, one interviewer says one thing then the next says the opposite. NOT HELPFUL. 800 number interviewers have proven to be useless, dissiminating incorrect directions and information. Constant letters of reduction of benefits, appeal to then be asked why I was there since there was no basis for the reduction only to be called back and told my checks would be reduced for years. If that confuses you, ur not alone. It does me too. Need a benefit letter. Told to get it online for their website to say to get it during normal business hours which for the past week have not exsisted since their system across the nation has been up and down.


social security office in xxx ny is reporting their systems are down

It’s 1:28 pm on Thursday February 4th, The system is down at the social security office xxx CA. Over 20 people cannot even be issued service numbers!

This isn’t user error; the website actually returns a dialog box saying “we’re sorry, we cannot process your request (to sign in) at this time, please try again later.”

Can’t log in again. I’ve been trying for several days.

Unable to log in, as well, for a full week. Calling SS…”someone will call back in 3 hrs and 34 mins!!! Trying several different computers, using both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

What is wrong with web site? Cannot get “my profile” to open. I get Error 500: javex.servlet.jsp.JspException Everytime I go to check profile no matter what electronic device I use. 1/26/16

I have not been able to get to my ss account or to my medicare application to check it out for the last 5 days or so

I can navigate, but I couldn’t access to login to my account for the last three days

Have not been able to access my Social Security account on their website for months. My login and password are correct, but will not let me log in. Tried to set up new account, claims I have a valid account already, and takes me back to login page. Every time it says I have already had 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in and try again in 24 hours. I get this if it’s 24 hours or 3 weeks between attempts. They are f#!ked up.


Cannot get on website for two days as of now!

I have not been able to go to in days either and i did all i could to fix the issue it is NOT at my end it times out when trying to go to the pay and yes i have cleared my history and used other browsers so it most def not on my end

I have been trying to get to for 3 days. Geek Squad and my provider Cox Communications checked my computer and said the problem is not with my computer. I called the systems people for ssa/bso (1-888-772-2970) and they asked what browser i am using, the Operating system, and my user ID for Business Services Online, and my phone number. The person I talked to said other people were also having this problem.

I haven’t been able to access for two days now. This is pathetic. Why is there no one to fix the issues with this d*mn site?

Try to change direct deposit and password and goes to error page. Tried several times….ugh!!

My wife and myself, can not log in to our online accounts.. Have tried on 3 different computers, using a different web broswer on each.. 11-26-15

I can get into my online account but can’t estimate retirement benefits based on future senerios. The site doesn’t recognize me!

I am having same problem, checking on status of payment. Oh well, BIG Government gone amuck, I guess too busy killing terrorist to fix what is broken at home.

I have been trying for two weeks to sign in to my account on the social security website. The page won’t come up for me to even enter my password!! I need to apply for medicare, and it won’t let me sign in. I can get to the main page, but not to the sign in.

Tried last night and again this morning. Keeps saying it will be working as of 8 a.m.

We’re sorry, but some of the Social Security online services will not be available until 8:00 a.m. (ET) on Sunday, October 25 due to a scheduled upgrade. The services affected are Internet appeals, applications for retirement, disability, Medicare, and spouse’s benefits, my Social Security accounts, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) mobile wage reporting. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We’re sorry, but the service you requested isn’t available right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have an urgent need, please call us Mondays through Fridays at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 AM and 7 PM. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, call our toll-free TTY number, 1-800-325-0778.

Can not sign it. it tells me: An account can not be found, You may select the “Create Account” button below to create an account. ~ I tried to create a new one and it said I have an account and asked if i forgot my password. So i did the lost password link and it again said: An account can not be found, You may select the “Create Account” button below to create an account. Please Help!


Tells me can’t verify my information I forgot username and pass word

I can open the home page but can’t open anything on the home page. 😦

Trying to retire, after 2 questions get a session timed out repeatedly!

I get message– : Program Error We’re sorry but this program has terminated unexpectedly

I continually get an error message stating ” terminated unexpectedly” and requests that I “try again later.”

I also get message terminated unexpectedly before that said cannot process request at this time

i try to logon to and when i click on sign in it tells me im sorry but the program terminated unexpectedly

If one system down why not open the other one if the website was down open the phone lines for the weekend If the website was going to be down have the phone line system open at least

It keeps telling me (1) I do not have an account or (2) it cannot verify my information.

Per website – 8/23/2015 12:22 am est – “We’re sorry, but the Social Security online services will not be available from 1:00 a.m. (ET) on Saturday, August 22 through 5:00 a.m. (ET) on Monday, August 24, 2015 due to a scheduled upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience.” does not permit me to login as of 3:15 PM EDT on Sat., 7/26/14.

I have entered user name on website several times, says I do not have an account. then when i try to set up an account it says i have one

Once again: unable to log on to the Social Security website. I’ve used both Google Chrome and Firefox, but the SSA website is 100% unresponsive. It’s always like this.

Sporadic. Using Firefox got in early today, in the middle of creating account. Crash. After several tries, finally got in again and successfully created account. Then hit hot link to make an online application and got “server not found”. Tried a few more times then waited until several hours later and couldn’t even get to the home page. Tried the hotlink in the email that confirmed I’d created an account. That got me to the home page, but any attempt to navigate to another portion of the site (including “sign in”) kicks back “server not found”.

Google Chrome, IE, Firefox Mozilla all says cant be found. cleared DNS cache, nothing is working. Talked to a couple IT guys. Seems that SS website has updated something and is not compatible with some updates on chrome, IE, firefox, ect.,

dog butt

Says error entering 10 digit primary number.. I put 10 numbers there

called soc sec.. said no trouble.. sent me to and trying to apply for benefits said cannot find server. She told me it was my servers fault because she had no trouble getting on. I cannot get on with my phone or tablet..

Cannot log into my account. Cannot find to the secure server (https).

The whole site is up except when I try to log in. At that point, page not found.

Anything the government is involved or sponsoring is dysfunctional. People who work there are useless and not held accountable. Have you been in a DMV office or any government agency? The attitude of the staff and their lack of care is obvious. is down right now and the wait time if you call in is 2 hours!

Been trying to login for weeks and weeks, using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE — nothing!

Once again, the Social Security website is down…




Asperger Genes / Where’s the beef?

 I’m not saying that Aspergers, or the tendency to display Asperger traits, is not inherited; my family history veers toward that suspicion, but neither have I read any evidence that specific genes have been  identified.
Lots of “teaser” headlines skew the actual findings from “no results” to gene aggregations that are “maybe, sort of” present in 1-2% of Aspergers tested (if the subjects even ARE Asperger – such a subjective diagnosis to begin with) And yet  those results are claimed to have significance.
The problem with assertions that Aspergers is inherited and there are Asperger genes is that the erroneous information gets repeated over and over until the public (and the helping, caring, fixing industry itself) BELIEVE it’s established scientific fact. This is a common occurrence in all types of disseminated “knowledge.” 
What’s so difficult in saying, Gee, I think we need a different strategy – an open mind would help – in locating possible genetic links. 

A Pooled Genome-Wide Association Study of Asperger Syndrome.

College London, Institute of Psychiatry, London, United Kingdom.


Note use of Autism Spectrum Conditions instead of Disorder

Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by impairments in social interaction and communication, alongside the presence of unusually repetitive, restricted interests and stereotyped behaviour. Individuals with AS have no delay in cognitive and language development. It is a subset of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) (A new name?) which are highly heritable (is ‘highly’ a scientific quantifier? and where is the proof?) and has a population prevalence of approximately 1%. Few studies have investigated the genetic basis of AS. To address this gap in the literature, we performed a genome-wide pooled DNA association study to identify candidate loci in 612 individuals (294 cases and 318 controls) of Caucasian ancestry, using the Affymetrix GeneChip Human Mapping version 6.0 array. We identified 11 SNPs that had a p-value below 1×10-5. These SNPs were independently genotyped in the same sample. Three of the SNPs (rs1268055, rs7785891 and rs2782448) were nominally significant, though none remained significant after Bonferroni correction. Two of our top (?) three SNPs (rs7785891 and rs2782448) lie in loci previously implicated in ASC. However, investigation of the three SNPs in the ASC genome-wide association dataset from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium indicated that these three SNPs were not significantly associated with ASC. The effect sizes of the variants were modest, indicating that our study was not sufficiently powered to identify causal variants with precision… At all!

What this last sentence “sounds like” to me is, “Our minds are made up that specific genes do cause ASC? ASD? We blame “the power” of our study for not finding the genes that we are convinced are responsible (then why do this type of pooling study?) so we’ll keep doing studies until “we create  some significance.” It’s an inherently “fudgy” statement of the type that makes an Asperger cringe. Are these “bad people”? Of course not: but their thinking is so confined by years of academic “brain washing” that they cannot move beyond their “magic word” concepts.


Author information

Free PMC Article (Whole lot of technique going on!) PLoS One. 2015 Jul 15;10(7):e0131202. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0131202. eCollection 2015.


Letting ET Know that the “sapiens” of Earth are White


The Plaque

Voyager Plaque

It’s amazing how many incidences of “inattentional blindness” (or arrogance) one can find in important places. Once again, we see that even cuddly-wuddly Carl Sagan and colleagues mindlessly represented “the people of Earth” as White People! (AKA Masters of the Universe)

This was 1972, and plaques were being designed for the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft, which would eventually leave the solar system. Since an ET civilization might intercept the craft, the opportunity to attach information about the crafts’ origin was seized upon.  The question of whether or not to depict female genitals was an issue; the compromise was “no.” Later historians argue that NASA and the Presidential Science Advisor would probably have okayed “a slit” in the correct location, but Sagan believed that the decision-making hierarchy was too Puritanical to go that far.

This represents something that has bothered me my entire life: Men talk like they’re big, bad and brave, but then knuckle under to the “Old Male” hierarchy. How embarrassing.

imagesW971YODE imagesQ0VBJ16W___________________________Factually, insects dominate Earth, not humans: “Ants control every millimeter of the Earth’s surface wherever they live, which is most places,” says Mark Moffett, an entomologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, US, who in 2011 published a book called Adventures Among Ants. “These territories are basically micromanaged by ants, altering or removing things even at a microbial level to their benefit.”

So why NO ANTS on the Voyager plaques?


Home Grown Terrorism / San Bernardino


The above graphic discloses home grown terror that we ignore. Domestic violence is so common that we consider it to be a “normal” part of human relationships. Murder, sexual assault, pedophilia, and physical attacks are “Ho-hum” news compared to the “heinous acts” of foreign (code word Muslim) terrorists.



Recent Anxiety / Visual Thinking


Recently the clinic where I go for prescriptions and some therapy noticed that my 5-year review was last scheduled 10-years ago. So I went in for a two-hour “dredging up” of my entire life. It was a good thing too: the person who interviewed me last time was a fundamentalist Christian who got almost everything wrong. Not a good listener, plus she tended to reinterpret whatever one said as a plea to be “born again.”

The interview went well – a therapist to whom I can say anything and not feel “weird.” He knows that I have no memory for dates, but can rattle off vivid descriptions from visual memory. He likes this because the other Aspergers clients he has won’t say much at all. (Probably males)

Not surprising to me is that often after a therapy session in which I talk about difficult events, anxiety sets in; not right away, but hours to days afterward. After many such occurrences I traced this phenomenon to visual memory. Words are different: I’m quite emotionally detached when talking. Words are tools, not “reality” – that is, they have no meaning per se. Images – that’s whole different experience.

I think this is related to PTSD. It seems to be sensory reminders that trigger the horrible experiences of those who suffer with it. Extreme trauma – sights, sounds smells are relived in the immediate present.

As far as Asperger anxiety, for me it’s the images that drag me back, out of the present and into the visual record of sights (and smells and noises sometimes). I’ve posted about this before: how visual memory is so real; detailed, dense and difficult to change. Timeless. This is a great benefit if one is an artist or a writer.

The tactic I have learned to use is to bring my focus into the present. Even doing mundane things like chores, sorting photos or doing yard work is effective. Or doing something visual and physical such as taking a walk in the countryside. Anything that reminds me that I’m “here” not “there.” Managing one’s experience of time is possible, but It took me a very long time to grasp the notion that it’s possible.

I used to imagine that someday anxiety would not be part of my life, but like many unpleasant aspects of life, I had to accept that it’s part of who I am.





Dog Mental Health / Apparel


Thundershirt CALMING CAP

The Calming Cap reduces the visual stimulus that makes a dog agitated by filtering his/her vision. The single-panel sheer fabric window makes the dog’s vision indistinct, while allowing the dog to easily navigate his surroundings.

The things we do to force animals and people to live in toxic social environments!

But how do you keep it on the dog? My two would remove / shred it in seconds. This product was reduced to half-price on the website, so it must not have sold well.





Dreams / Specific Pictures and Words

REBLOG / Odd dreams happen.

I was dreaming quite dynamically  – deep asleep; not the type of dream whose content I will likely remember the next day. Suddenly, out of the tumble of images a conscious (lucid dream) image appeared – the cover of a thin white book: a bright green “halo” of color surrounded it. The cover read: Chuy Ling Visual Processing.  At this point I woke up and wrote down the title.

This morning I googled Chuy Ling (google corrected as CHUI Ling) A book from an engineering  conference came up on the Springer Link website.. In the link description, “Chui Ling” showed up as a street address…. then I googled “Chui Ling” and a map appeared of a Hong Kong neighborhood with Chui Ling Road running through it.


SPRINGER LINK website: Communications in Computer and Information Science / Volume 346 2012

Multimedia and Signal Processing

Second International Conference, CMSP 2012, Shanghai, China, December 7-9, 2012. Proceedings / Editors: Fu Lee Wang, Jingsheng Lei, Rynson W. H. Lau, Jingxin Zhan

A section and sample chapter heads:

Computer and Machine Vision / Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition Based on Facial Expression and Affective Speech / A Multi-features Based Particle Filtering Algorithm for Robust and Efficient Object Tracking


The subject of visual processing in computer engineering is totally out of my reach and depth, so as a direct source of information, this link is useless to me. However, this type of dream “cue” has occurred many times before, and often some (coincidental) connection becomes clear, due to a serendipitous “stumble upon” piece of information that I come across while searching the original cue. I usually briefly follow up the dream even if it’s value is not immediately apparent. I would identify this process with intuitive thinking.

Asperger-types are characterized as rigid black and white thinkers (we recognize and utilize facts in our thinking) fuddy-duddies (Asperger children are advanced and our intellectual behavior is therefore more adult. Being an adult is not favored in American culture) intolerably obsessed with boring and irrelevant “stuff” – ie “reality” (the existence of facts is not accepted by neurotypicals) and we are detail oriented and highly focused (psychologists promote these last two abilities as proof that our brains are developmentally defective.)

This is where Asperger curiosity plays a huge role in our lives: one cannot be curious and rigid at the same time. Curiosity is open-mindedness. Intellect drives our behavior and takes us to worlds that for modern neotenic social humans simply don’t exist.  Nothing exists but the endless pursuit of “getting attention” from other people.

So what will I do with this dream? Somewhere down the road it may prove to be important, or more likely, it’s nothing but an odd coincidence. You can’t know ahead of time.




More / How Psychology Destroyed American Public Schools

Humans who are alive today learn in the same ways that our ancestors learned. A person who has knowledge or skill imparts that specific knowledge or skill to a child or other person, through words, pictures or demonstration. One person who can read and write can teach another person to read and write. “In person” teaching imparts the secure feeling in the child that someone cares enough to prepare him or her for life. One would expect “social” people to know this. Children copy the behavior of the older children or adults around them, which is why decent behavior is so important.

Crazy Diagrams: This is not how children learn. This is insane indulgence in erecting abstract conceptual schemes, and then fighting over whose control-freak theory is to dominate education.




1200px-Cognitivism2 developmental

A Tip for African Americans / Politics


Join the Republican Party.

Why stick with liberal Democrats who make promises but fail to deliver? (Even President Obama failed to deliver.) Why would Democrats / Liberals let YOU change the status quo when they have African Americans right where they want them? Face it: Democrats believe that they “own” the African American vote.

Seriously: Think about it.

The Republicans are in free-fall. Get in there and influence your future. Whatever the Republican “world view” is, or has been, if enough African Americans join, YOU can  change the party.

Global War is a Social Activity / The West profits from human misery

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Saudi Arabia leads surge in arms imports by Middle East states

 / Monday 22 February 2016  / THE GUARDIAN

Saudi imports up 275% in five years, with UK firms estimated to have sold £5.6bn of arms to the country, while imports by European states down 41%.


My comment: Given Britain’s history of ugly colonial exploitation of the Middle East in the Good ol’ Days of the Empire, can we be surprised that the UK is raking in profits by fueling the destruction of the region today? But – they must compete with U.S. arms makers and brokers who also profit due to the intentional destruction (blunder or stupidity?) of key Middle Eastern governments sacrificed to American “foreign policy” over previous decades. (The Cold War never ended.)

The arms race is the core story of western policy today. The profitable consequences of calculated “regional Armageddon” have been made: Muslims are a threat to the West. Let Sunni and Shia slaughter each other. Problem solved: profits made. The male mind in a perpetual cycle of psychopathic rage is what drives human “progress.” Words of peace, compromise and cooperation are mere speed bumps on the road to total war.

He who dies with the most profit wins. The rest of humanity pays for this gruesome game one way or the other.

Social behavior. What an asset.


The game board: Disposable human pawns in yet another religious war. Remember Europe’s religious wars –  Roman Catholic versus Protestant? NO? Look it up. GRAPHIC CIARAN HUGHES.

 The U.S was founded on religious liberty and separation of church and state, and yet we promote and profit from religious wars in other nations. Shame on us.