Neurotypicals want attention; not solutions


The Asperger Mantra

The Asperger Mantra

The tendency for an Asperger person is to assume that someone who expresses distress wants help, but this is rarely the case. If an Asperger offers an observation, or suggests a solution, the well-intended advice is likely to be received with hostility – concrete solutions are the wrong answer. An Asperger may observe that neurotypicals attempt to resolve real world problems through manipulation of their own emotions, and even more frequently, the emotions of other people. For the social majority, who are confined to life on the social pyramid, the environment is composed exclusively of other social humans, so bad feelings, aggression, shame and bullying are ever-present as well as pro forma sympathy.

One might think that after being yelled at thousands of times, Aspergers would ‘get’ that people’s stories of frustration (which often are the result of failed actions repeated over and over, or are due to a simple lack of practical or scientific knowledge) are not requests for help. We stupidly persist because it is in our nature to solve problems. If a person describes a situation that is causing them confusion and pain, and one can unravel a tangle of erroneous beliefs and misinformation that is causing it, why wouldn’t one make the effort?

This desire to substantially aid another human being is considered a great defect. As a group, Aspergers people are accused of being blind to the minds of other people, and that empathy, compassion, or any ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes is absent from our soulless bodies. The truth is that we  desire to help in ways that produce results. Unfortunately the social definition of empathy rejects and excludes rational response and tangible returns. A theater of gestures, facial expressions, and words of sympathy and commiseration are not only preferred, but demanded and scrutinized by the gatekeepers of “who is normal and who is not,” when “normal” is a convenient but non-existent state dreamed up by psychologists. The gatekeepers claim to own the behavior of all other human beings, which earns them a high position on the pyramid, just like the priesthoods of old. Neat trick. It’s a cruel system that keeps people trapped in self-inflicted negative behavior.

Not even being a superstar (1936 Olympics) could change the low position on the pyramid for an African American.

Not even being a superstar (1936 Olympics) could change existence at the bottom of the pyramid for an African American.

The narrow dictates (supported by flawed research and irresponsible conclusions) are handed down like holy texts by western psychologists: a chaos of notions, prescriptions, and arrogant absolutes, not only impinge on the freedom of Asperger types, but neurotypicals as well are stripped of honest communication by the well-policed forms of expression that psychological “theories” impose. The majority of any population – low ranking children, women, minorities and the poor, are required to stifle their thoughts and reactions in order to preserve the power of the Pharaohs at the top of the social pyramid.

Empowering people with the courage to speak honestly is socially taboo, because honest communication between people confers equality.



14 thoughts on “Neurotypicals want attention; not solutions

  1. I have Aspergers, and though I may sound bias, I believe us Aspies are evolution at work. I have formulated two very powerful models that fit together like jigsaw pieces to form an even more powerful model. And they are as follows:

    Model 1: Neurotypicals tend to sway towards labour whereas Aspies tend to sway towards creativity. Whilst the world did and still does revolve around labour, the future will revolve around creativity: AI will take over most if not all labour, and humanity will be forced to earn a living with creativity.

    Model 2: Neurotypicals tend to worship dogma whereas Aspies tend to worship logic. For confirmation of such, one need only pause and analyse today’s world: in one part, the people love something – it could be religious, political, scientific – and in another part, the people hate that same thing; this isn’t due to critical thinking, this is due to people reading their newspapers, listening to their radios and watching their TVs and following the status quo like government-owned sheep. There are many dogmas therefore they will divide the beings that worship them and the beings will die whereas there is only one logic therefore it will unite the beings that worship it and the beings will live. At one point, dogmatic wars didn’t matter too much, regarding a species’ survival, but now we have nuclear weaponry therefore humanity needs logic to protect it from itself.


    • Yes, I think it is undeniable that Asperger’s is an evolutionary phenomenon, and not at all a developmental disorder. Asperger senses and perception are attuned to objects / nature (physical reality) and neotenous (perpetual child state) social humans see “nothing but” the social hierarchy. Due to this, we truly live in and experience a “reality” that is alien to neurotypicals. I am astonished at times that this divergence is so radical, that “we” are a different species (or verging on that status.)

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  2. Honestly as a fellow Autistic/Aspergian, I think youre coming up with excuses.
    First there is no such thing as An Aperger. Dont call people that. Its Autistic, or Aspergian. Jeeze.

    Secondly, you cannot get pissed at people making implicit assumptions abotu social understandings and then do it yourself and write a sanctimonious article about it. Needing to vent is not some magic neurotypical weirdo trait. Youre not THAT different or magic or strange or unique. Youre just being an asshole and trying to rexplain it away with aspergers.

    Really analyse what you say because thisis not aspergers syndrome. Sorry.


    • Excuses? I said nothing about my behavior but described the emotional-social orientation of social typical people: Asperger individuals usually appreciate such descriptions because it reveals that there are REASONS for our reactions to social environments. I don’t include Autism in most of my posts because Aspergers are not autistic. We used to be, but now we don’t exist. This is all “invented” by people who make enormous amounts of money from other people’s difficulties. Therefore, as one of these “nonexistent persons” I am free to say what I think. Actually, everyone is free to say what they think. It’s a reach to call me an asshole; try something more realistic like refuting what this post actually says.

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  3. To be Normal, one does Not solve problems.

    Normdom ‘games the system’ instead, as Norms think themselves ***above*** such loathsome responsibilities.

    Such polluting labor is left to their ***untouchables***.

    The caste system is universal and instinctual. It is simply far more *visible* in and around India.

    Dalits, Roma, Autists… all untouchable. All socially-dead – less than animals – outside of life (which consists in constant striving for social rank -> power for its own sake)

    If to be Normal is to live as if 1984 were real, and one’s cult-name ‘O’Brien’…

    No thank you. I’ll stay *defective*, thank you.

    Note: I am not sure if I am genuinely ‘defective’. I AM sure the most problematic stratum of Normdom thinks so – and, as Normdom privileges its momentary inclination far above reality (in the manner of serious magicians -Crowley, not Potter) then that BS must be taken seriously.

    After all, they have demonstrated their willingness to act upon such fantasies – again, like serious magicians are known for.

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    • To me the fundamental difference is orientation: social humans can’t see anything but each other and spend 99% of their time and energy fighting with each other. Asperger-types see the universe and connect with it. It’s obvious which POV is bigger and healthier. LOL! What do you think?

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    • Personally, a problem is anything that needs solved; I may be the only person who “sees” the problem or wants a solution. It’s how my brain works; there’s a problem, fix it. It’s like a cat being a cat; a bird being a bird. Life’s a puzzle that never gets “solved.” From my POV, people are incredibly rigid mentally. They don’t want to think about the environment at all, but follow social routines unless something HUGE interrupts, like a natural disaster, and instead of taking the opportunity to build a new house that is “tornado-proof” they build the same useless house again. To me, that’s a problem. To them, it’s not.

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  4. As a neurotypical I understand what you are saying, and you stand entirely in your right. Neurotypical is considered the norm (did you mean that?). As a neurotypical I also understand the needs of neurotypicals to communicate through emotions. ‘We neurotypicals’ -need- those emotions to -understand- what is going on. That doesn’t mean that ‘aspergers’ (excusez le mot) wouldn’t be able to (major) contribute. Reading your posts I come to understand what you mean, I think. We just have to -understand- that, and perhaps -how-, ‘aspergers’ are functioning differently. It is unfair to exclude them from social trafic (do you like social engagement?).


    • Neurotypical is a “catch all” word and I don’t use it often – I prefer “modern social humans” as it specifically describes changes in Homo sapiens since the Agricultural Revolution 10-15,000 years ago: domestication and juvenalization. I sometimes use neurotypical to call attention to a social belief system that dominates western culture, which is highly religious (Puritanical) and restrictive – it says that anyone who exists outside a narrow white EuroAmerican definition of “human” is abnormal. Psychology is the tool that took over the task from religious institutions of segregating and sorting “who is truly human” from “subhumans.” This is history, not theory. Understanding through emotions, make N’s dependent on emotions; it amplifies emotions until theu become the basis of everything. That’s fine in a personal relationship, if that’s what you want, but its dangerous and destructive to decide which people you are going to obliterated by bombs based on emotions – terrible! But that’s exactly what happens. We need to choose the method of communication and decision making that’s appropriate to solving the problem: relying on emotion will merely continue violent interaction.

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      • Wow. I think you’re really right if you mean to say that human interaction (N) is based on christian religious motives in the Western world. It never really occured to me that this can be seen a just a choice you make. (am I interpreting correctly?)


        • Of course choice is an option, but those high on the power/social pyramid NEVER want people to have choices. The heavy overburden of rules and “magic” texts is usually enough; being born into a specific culture/nation/political system automatically establishes your identity and beliefs – no choice there. Western Democracies are like restaurants – there’s a “menu” of “lifestyles” you can choose from, but it’s a farce: the underlying fabric of ideas, beliefs and policies are Christian. This is how crazy it is: U.S. Liberals think they are modern, progressive, intellectual, enlightened, highly educated and pro-human diversity, when in practice, they are human-hating Puritans who believe it is their mission to “reform” EVERYONE to their narrow standards.

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