Imagining Archaic Reality / Extinction by Species Suicide

“What were archaic humans like?” is a question that dominates a number of my blog posts; both from simple curiosity and in line with my hypothesis that Asperger individuals are more similar to pre-agricultural humans than to contemporary hyper-social humans.  

I continually point out a serious problem with modern descriptions of our ancestors’  thought and behavior: anthropologists, archaeologists, evolutionary psychologists and other researchers use Modern Social Humans as the “psycho-social” model for early human species. It should be obvious that in the Western world this rearview mirror projection suffers from a religious anthropocentric belief: Human Males are the pinnacle of creation, and that’s that. Females are incidental players who “drop” and infant now and then just to keep the population numbers viable and to provide labor and soldiers for the grand scheme of Male Conquest of the Earth. So, in order to trace the inevitable rise of modern humans, “human sciences people” and whomever else wants to weigh in, are on a mad search for “signs” in bones, tools, feces, DNA and in their own brains, for the “advent” of modern Homo sapiens.

Like Biblical scholars, contemporary scientists in the “human origins” field, want to create a trail of nativity for the supreme EuroAmerican male. 

Whether or not one professes to be a scientist or a fundamental religious type, this view of humankind skews the picture of species that “led to us” as if there were a conscious force driving nature toward the perfection of Homo sapiens. It’s of little consequence if the “designer” is an angry male god or a “cosmic blueprint” that somehow guides nature’s special forces; attribution of forethought and intent twist the “journey to us” into an impossible scheme, which at the core, is only justified by anthropocentric fabrications.

In other words, Man may have conceded that the earth is not the center of the universe, but he has yet to admit that Man is not.

This is a case of misguided fabrication of human evolutionary thinking, common sense must be invoked! 

The simple act of placing a typical modern social human into a wild environment immediately exposes the folly of believing that this highly socially-technologically dependent animal would have any chance at survival.

None of the tools, both physical and mental, that today’s Homo sapiens absolutely requires for survival, existed until the Industrial Revolution and exploitation of fossil fuels by a few – the average or typical human plays little to no creative role in technology. 

Today’s humans, if cast into “the wilderness” (minus film crews, support crews, and emergency rescue by helicopter) would find ourselves to be naked, thirsty, hungry and as vulnerable as babies: a prey animal. Any slight injury could become infected and cause death; parasites, venomous insects and snakes are natural predators as well as large carnivores. Starvation and dehydration would be ever-present conditions. The challenges presented by natural environments vary from location to location, but all present extreme challenges in “the here and now” – Incidents that impinge on survival cannot be “scheduled” as “fun vacations” nor can rescue be called up by cell phone.

Cultural accumulation is ignored in “imagining” our ancestors: we characterize early Homo sapiens as having been “born like Athena” directly from the brain of Zeus in “His” image; equipped with “modern” mental and material tools – a catalogue of cultural achievements and adaptations that in reality have taken 200,000 or so years to invent, develop, manufacture, disseminate and build upon, and which humans today have inherited from our predecessors and to which “developed populations” have easy access: the grocery store and clean water-indoor plumbing solve 90% of  barriers to survival. Huge portions of “victorious Homo sapiens” live precariously, day in – day out, without access to the natural environments that used to supply their needs; environments destroyed by EuroAmerican “social” progress.  

Read about Salatin: Washington Post article, “How America’s most famous farmer can appeal to left, right and center”

What bothers me the most about “species arrogance” is the utterly unscientific stance it promotes and the lack of respect for other members of the genus Homo  – tough and intelligent creatures whose survival was necessary to our existence; but this arrogance knows no bounds.

In the self-aggrandizing narrative of Western Civilization, “respect for life” is a long lost concept; eradication of natural systems for the delusional greed of 1% of the population is mass murder of a species.

Think not? How many species have we already driven to extinction?

The Industrial Revolution is in essence, a 2nd Agricultural Revolution, which has pushed population increases to unsustainable levels and produced mass nutritional degradation, leaving homo sapiens in an extremely Weak evolutionary state.

There is no “free lunch” in Nature: The Recent human population explosion is at the expense of the “rest of life”. Other species are dying out as a direct cost of human stupidity and greed.




Obsession with Novelty / Neurotypicals Destroy Earth

This morning I dreamed that I was back in advertising: working alone with the agency owner to prepare a presentation for a new client. It was fun; we did a few large posters – simple, graphic, meaningful text-headlines and set them aside to refine later. When I came back, he was gone and (seemingly) hundreds of “young people” (20s and 30s) had taken over the presentation, which no longer had any “advertising” materials in it. They were designing a vast “party” – a carnival type assortment of games, product giveaways, foods, etc – none of which had anything to do with the business of the “new client”. Needless to say, it was a mess; an event cobbled together (with much enthusiasm) from every online “catalogue” of consumer “must have” trivialities.

The head of the agency never reappeared: our presentation had been “scuttled” – the posters vanished and the carnival went on…

The “message” that popped up (when I say this, I mean, words that “translate” the dream images into verbal language was this:

The earth is dying from neurotypical obsession with novelty.

Obsession with novelty is a consequence of neoteny. It’s a requirement in a childish economic system that relies on ever-expanding markets for trivial junk, like artificial fingernails, plastic toys and hundreds of brands over OTC pills and remedies.

Think about it; thousands of years of human inventiveness, slave labor and creative engineering and industry have culminated in not only a pollution-producing flood of useless products, but an “app” obsession that allows “juvenalized” humans to track their pizza delivery, Amazon order and their bowel movements, using “smart gadgets” that become toxic waste in poor countries, where they are dumped by the millions, destroying agriculture, water supplies and plant animal human life.

And on and on… and at the same time, these apps and websites allow “bad actors” (corporations, government agencies, data collection mills and plain old criminal predators), observe our intimate lives, 24/7, for the purpose of collecting “data” – not to “get to know our customers and serve them better” as advertised, but to sell for profit the massive data that they collect. Ever wonder why products are incredibly cheap and are delivery halfway around the planet is “free”? Corporations don’t “sell products” anymore – they provide lures, which gather information about health, spending, leisure activities, banking habits, family relations, criminal records, sexual preferences, debt, food buying, clothing, and every phone call or text, and photo that propagates from you, your family, friends, co-workers, across the planet. Many products are “spies” installed in your house, by you – neurotypicals are insanely stupid!

And most damning about all this “data pornography” (you are not human, you are data) is that neurotypicals don’t even care that this has become the “human condition”. Novelty – that ever-flowing river of trivia, nonsense and useless objects is not a big benign “party”. It is literally “killing” life on earth, including Homo sapiens.

Is that “cute” decorative item from China, or “cheap” T-shirt from Thailand worth the destruction of earth’s environments? Is continued dominance of fossil fuel anything but intentional destruction of earth’s environments? Is having an obsession with social media “gadgets” worth the destruction of earth’s environments? Globalization is simply a disaster as potent as any other phenomenon of mass extinction.

Read about the shipping industry that is massively polluting the oceans:

The Containerized Shipping Industry and the Phenomenon of Containers Lost at Sea  / An extensive PDF from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, March 2014. NOAA Office of Marine Sanctuaries

Hint: “Office of Marine Sanctuaries” while sounding like an attempt by the U.S. government to “protect” marine environments, does not protect marine environments. 

Click to access lostcontainers.pdf


A well-documented environmental disaster off New Zealand that dumped 400 tons of heavy oil onto a reef – followed by an attempted cover up and a $108 million “clean-up” This is not a “rare” occurrence.

Container ship Rena hit Astrolabe Reef about 12 nautical miles off Tauranga, New Zealand early on October 5, 2011

A Ship Grounding case study- Training video for shipping/marine industry. Produced by Dhhunki