The “Extreme Female Brain” Theory of Psychosis

The Extreme Male Brain Theory of Asperger’s:

This idiotic and misogynistic construct has fallen from grace, so what are Simon Baron Cohen and his evil crew up to now? How about The Extreme Female Brain Theory of Psychosis?

TEETER-TOTTER BRAINS: Note that there are no female Asperger’s, just occasional “defective” females who have “male brains”.  


“Psychosis is a symptom of mental illness rather than the name of a medical condition itself. Broadly speaking, it means a loss of contact with reality, and generally there are two types of psychiatric disorder that produce psychotic symptoms: schizophrenia, and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.” (And now, “being female”)



Suddenly, Asperger’s (extreme male brain) is on a continuum (spectrum) with Psychosis (extreme female brain) at the opposite end, the basis, once again is “eye contact.”  Asperger individuals hypo-mentalize (low eye contact) whereas Psychotics “hyper-mentalize” which is lots of eye-contact like “normal” people, but “psychotic.”


Let’s try this out in the real world:

I’m female and Asperger……… extreme male brain

I’m Bipolar……extreme female brain


Therefore, I have two brains. I guess that’s why I have a high IQ. My head ought to be the size of a giant pumpkin, but it isn’t. Like the quantum behavior of electrons, I could be in two “mentally ill spaces” at the same time.

I must be some kind of miracle. Maybe God has a hand in all this, flipping people’s brains back and forth just for fun…!




Do male psychologists have Extreme Female Brains?

Psychologist Simon Baron Cohen is famous for his “Extreme Male Brain” theory of Autism. Much of the justification is mere male prejudice, which supposedly proves that female brains are “less autistic”. Cohen conflates autism with male activities, such as playing with Lego bricks and obsessing over train schedules.

According to S.B.C, the male brain is de facto the foundation of Autism. (It’s not a theory, actually.) That is, “male brains” prefer inanimate objects and are good at math (this ignores all those males who aren’t good at math and all those females who are) therefore by his “logic” that only males can be autistic. (Not reasonable, nor logical, actually) This also implies that females cannot be autistic UNLESS they have a “male brain”, which according to extreme male brain theory means that ASD females can’t be “real” females. That’s stupid and misogynistic. 

noun: misogynist;
  1. a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

One of S.B.C’s demonstrations of “proof” is that students in science degree programs are divided into “inanimate sciences” (male) and “animate sciences” (female). This  scheme depends on student  gender to classify whether a science is “high status” or “low status” – a traditional bias that claims “hard sciences” are real science, but life sciences aren’t. Males, of course, have dominated “hard science”.

Does this mean that male psychologists have extreme female brains? shortucas2

An anecdote: As  a geology student, I was told by male physics, math and engineering students, and some profs, that I shouldn’t be in a “quasi-hard science” (Geology) because this was male turf. (Female riff-raff not qualified!) Traditionally, geology has been considered by the hard science (male) community to not be real science, because it requires imaginative visual “artistic” abilities that physicists, et al, lack.

Au Contraire: Geologist must work with evidence acquired using many sciences and technologies; to weave together, and support, scientifically plausible accounts of Earth’s history, living and non-living. We must REALISTICALLY imagine what happened at a specific moment in time, as well Integrate information across, what in human terms, is infinite time. The factor that has “allowed” geologists into the “Old Boy” realm of science, is that despite geology being an art, geologists still must do the math.