School Social Rules / ASD kids Confused? Gee Whiz!

From a “stupid rules at our school” chat site: 

If a bully beats you up, you are suspended: I actually like this rule. It’s better than the “If you fight back….” rule most schools follow. At least that way, I know I’m in trouble either way, so of course I can fight back.

When recess ends the school bell rings two times. The first ring you have to stop whatever you were doing and just stand still, then there is a pause of 5-10 seconds and the teachers check to see if anyone is moving, then there is the second ring and we can line up to go back to our classrooms.

My school wouldn’t allow you to turn your back on a cheerleader. I thought that was pretty weird. A few years before that, a kid wore a Pepsi shirt on “Coke Day” and they suspended him. It caused a pretty big hubbub.

At my school you need to have a signed doctors note to bring a water bottle to school. You can get suspended for bringing it.

No reading during lunch. Lunch is for talking to friends so you don’t talk in class. We  have to take books away from students who are reading. It was awful for the loner kids.

My school has “mix it up day” where you weren’t allowed to sit with your friends – you had to sit with a random mix of new people. Nice idea in theory, but in reality it was an entire lunch period of awkward silences and introverts having panic attacks. 

My middle school had a system where all the tables were numbered and everyone would draw a number out of a jar before lunch. I made a slip of paper for each number and pulled it out of my sleeve before I picked one out of the jar.

My middle school daughter has to sit with her class at lunch and they cannot talk to other people who are not at their tables, or turn around and talk to people behind them. Sometimes they have silent lunch where no talking can happen at all. She asked the vice principal why it was like that, saying she feels like she’s in jail, and he just said because I said so, now sit down and be quiet.

One day, my middle-school French teacher told us to write at the top of the test how long we’d studied for the test. I didn’t study, so I wrote “I didn’t study”. I got every question on the test correct, because it was just something simple like ER verbs. It turned out that the amount of studying was worth half the mark. So I got every question right, and got only 50% on the test because I hadn’t studied.

And that’s how I learned how to lie to my teachers.

Not a rule but I knew a guy who wore a deep v-neck shirt and he got written up for cross-dressing.

No high fives or fist bumps. Safety reasons and makes people feel left out.

No sharing food…










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