Social Conflict Makes Me Ill / LITERALLY

Social conflict makes me ill. Literally. Social conflict makes me ill. Literally.


Asperger people often find themselves in the awkward position shown by this graphic. Two groups of social typical people fight over control of “The Answer.” Neither group has the correct answer, nor do they care that there is a correct answer. Each group wants to destroy the opposition. 

The unfortunate Aspie (2) may or may not have the correct answer, but he or she knows that neither group has “The Answer” and recognizes that the fight isn’t about facts, but about which group can force the other group to admit defeat. 

Asperger individuals are obsessed with problem-solving and want to get everyone on track toward finding a solution. We hate fighting SO MUCH, that we will gladly offer to come up with good answers, FREE, if it will STOP the insane arguing. BUT! If an Asperger makes this reasonable suggestion, both groups will turn on the Asperger and viciously rip to shreds the one person present who might be able to restore order. 

Asperger people need to learn that Social Typicals aren’t looking for solutions at all! They love to fight, and are addicted to negative emotions, aggression and above all, winning, and they will argue stupidly and unsuccessfully over the same topics again and again.  For thousands of years.


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