More Myths about Aspergers / Traditional Abuse


In recent reporting for Indian Country Today, Mary Annette Pember tells the story of these tiny handcuffs, which have only lately been brought out of storage at the Haskell Indian Nations University‘s Cultural Center and Museum in Lawrence, Kan.

In the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th, Native American children often attended government-run boarding schools where the objective was assimilation. Army officer Richard Pratt, who founded one such school in Pennsylvania, famously said that his mission was to “kill the Indian … and save the man.”

Let all that is Asperger in you die!

From: A site that peddles summer camp for Asperger kids

Bright Lights, Loud Noises

People with Asperger Syndrome often have to deal with extreme sensitivities to everyday sights, sounds, smells and touch. This sensitivity is not one of their “official symptoms” as described in the Physician’s Desk Reference doctors use for diagnoses. However, there are thousands of parent and therapist’s anecdotes about this condition. (Common error – one cannot turn anecdotes into fact by adding more anecdotes.)  Some experts (those phantom experts again!) believe that while sensitivity may cause Aspies to tantrum and act out” in the first place, after a while such behaviors become learned. Aspies hold on to them because of the rigidity of their personalities. (Of course! Meltdowns are SO MUCH FUN that we “throw tantrums” just for fun.)Nevertheless, certain studies indicate that between 42% and 88% (meaningless use of imaginary statistics – which have spread like plague in the U.S.) of people with Asperger Syndrome do experience such sensitivities.

Who knows? We’re all just guessing what goes on inside these strange kids.

Hearing problems are the most common. (Do we know this? No. A sensory problem may be due to different processing of information by the brain.)  Some Aspies seem to hear sounds others do not. They can be driven to distraction by noises everyone else filters out, such as the buzz of fluorescent lights or the brush of corduroy against a desk. The inability to filter out background noises makes it hard for many Aspies to follow conversations or listen to their teachers’ directions. Some sounds seem actually painful to Aspies. (Subjecting detainees to intense and harmful sound is used in the “torture” community) For example, a small child may scream at the sound of the vacuum cleaner (so do cats and dogs); a teen covers his ears at the sound of a police siren. One little boy was so scared of the fire drill siren he sat in fear that it would go off. His mother had to home school him during Fire Safety Month. Auditory sensitivity makes it hard for parents to take their Aspies to noisy places like video arcades or restaurants with singing waiters, etc. (We can see from this list of trivial complaints the enormous emphasis neurotypicals place on social obedience. If it’s a severe inconvenience to avoid a restaurant that has singing waiters, you probably don’t care much about your child.)

Taste and Smell: Many experts conclude that Aspies rely more on their senses of smell and taste than sight and hearing. (Actually, many Aspies are visual thinkers.)They have strong memories of smells; for example, they may be able to recognize people by their unique body odors. Certain smells like food, cleaning fluids, perfumes, shampoos and lotions can make them nauseous. This makes it hard for them to handle routine places like the school cafeteria or shopping mall cosmetic counters. (Asperger and other children may simply react to environmental pollutants and toxins – like canaries in a coal mine – sensitive to chemical compounds that are harmful to all humans. Again, if you think that toxic environments are GOOD FOR children, you don’t care about children!)

An Aspie’s acute sense of smell and taste may also create eating problems. She may limit herself to certain foods, eat one food at a time, not allow foods to touch on her plate, and so forth. Many Aspies vomit easily. Everyday substances like toothpaste can make them sick to their stomachs. (Again, the rigid requirement that there is only one way to eat – typical cultural narcissism. The incredible generalization from “one child’s” behavior to many or most is ridiculous – but that’s what bigots do.)

Touch: Aspies may be overly or under-sensitive to touch. (In all the articles I have read that insist on this “over” and “under” sensitivity, none have presented, or referred to, a scale that defines and describes “normal” sensitivity. (In fact, this utter lack of objective criteria is characteristic of Asperger research and publications.) If overly sensitive, he may find tags on clothing very irritating. He may only wear certain fabrics or clothes that are old and soft from washings. He may refuse to work with certain textures like glue. He screams in the shower because he cannot stand the feel of water on his skin. One Aspie would hit anyone who touched him: a fact that his little brother manipulated to get him in trouble all the time. (Gee; I wonder – does this child hit when “touched” because his parents allow his brother to bully him, and do nothing about it, and indeed, blame him? There is nothing to confirm that these behaviors are common to / restricted to Asperger children – one would have to prove that NO NORMAL CHILD displays these behaviors.)

Hyposensitivity can cause Aspies not to feel or report pain. They may not react to temperatures. One Aspie did not respond whenever his teacher tapped him to get his attention. (Anecdotes – Please stop. The very real impact of these “trivia” anecdotes is that a parent who reads this endless garbage will suddenly “discover” that behavior in his or her child, and be convinced that he/she is defective!)

Visual problems are less common. Perhaps only one in five persons with Asperger Syndrome has them. However, some Aspies get upset by certain pictures, colors or bright lights. Some experience colors as sounds. They often stand too close to others or stare at them inappropriately. They can search for an object and not notice that it is right in front of them. The majority of Aspies have problems making eye contact with other people. (Random anecdotes and myth after myth are repeated without question.  Neurotypicals are narrow-minded narcissists. Can you imagine substituting “black children, or Hispanic children” in this litany of complaints?) 

Proprioceptive and Vestibular disorders: These are about orienting yourself in space, keeping your body in balance and maintaining good posture and movement. In normal people, a complex network of nerves works together with the senses naturally. You can sit down without looking at your chair. You know where your feet are. You know how to straighten your shirt without looking into a mirror. Aspies have problems with such abilities that operate on the unconscious level for normal people. This makes simple activities such as climbing stairs feats that must be learned. (This is outrageous ignorance: ALL HUMAN infants and children must learn to chew, stand up, walk, climb stairs and control their bowels/urination etc. Also, to learn language and to THINK, which many modern social humans never accomplish)  Activities that involve complex movements, changes in speed and hand-eye coordination such as handwriting or playing baseball become nightmares for many Aspies.  (Again, this implies that all neurotypical children are automatically capable of every “approved and prescribed” human activity, which is untrue.)

Unfortunately, one can hear the echoes of “complaints” about Native American children, who were kidnapped and imprisoned in missionary schools, in order to be “made normal” by human-hating Christian tyrants.


Think this “child abuse” is long gone?





9 thoughts on “More Myths about Aspergers / Traditional Abuse

  1. My sense of taste is so strong, I can’t eat candies or chocolate because for me, it would be like eating syrup mixed with honey and sugar. I have a problem understanding what I see. It takes me a few second for the picture in my eye to translate in my brain.

    Taking an innocent child away from his parents is a horrible crime, locking him up in some horrible prison disguised as school is another horrible crime, and I’ve read horror stories about physical and sexual abuse in those dungeons.

    The problem is that not one of those kidnappers/abusers have gone to prison for what they’d done. There should be an agency that throws presidents in jail for that sort of thing, that throws everyone who’d cooperated in jail for the rest of their lives.

    All those pills given to hyperactive kids are the result of companies trying to make money. I used to be very hyper in my twenties and early thirties, and I loved the rush of adrenaline. There’s nothing wrong with being hyperactive. Those pills should be given to people who are suffering and can’t function without them.


    • I understand your strong reaction to schools and other social institutions as “prisons and dungeons” – another perception that NTs don’t understand about their “beloved” social regimes. FOR THEM all this destructive manipulation of children’s “minds” is merely the proper preparation for “life on the social pyramid.” For Asperger types, it is nothing short of a “crime against nature” – no different than trapping wild animals and confining them in zoos. What kind of people find it “pleasurable and admirable” to destroy wildlife, including wild humans, and yet that IS the NT goal – dominance at any price. Social humans have been exterminating entire wild populations for thousands of years. Pills are an “easy and profitable” way of exterminating any “disobedient behavior” in the populace, but it doesn’t work. It’s destroying the very people, who throughout “civilized” history, are the structure that supports the top of the pyramid – “they” never learn…


  2. Eugenics in the guise of “empathy, compassion, treatment” is a long-standing strategy for “purifying” society. Look at the “civil rights” movement, which was taken over by “concerned white people” (Liberals-Puritans) and which has achieved the opposite of race equality, and in fact has confined African Americans to ongoing racism – literally imprisoning outrageous numbers of black people…


  3. Re ‘doing things on purpose’:

    That’s where a ***lot*** of my ‘drivel’ comes from, especially regarding how we are ***supposed to***/***need to*** behave around Normies – as in Normdom as a whole shows its ***narcissistic*** underpinnings around us, while hiding this stuff from itself.

    It’s as if being unable to ‘do social’ in the Normie way creates a power differential of such awesome magnitude that many, perhaps even most Norms instinctively regard us as modern-day ‘slaves’ – and our experiences in dealing with Normdom sounds an awful lot like enduring the ravages of a pack of social predators under the influence of NPD!


    • It’s the common human dilemma: how we “appear” in our “internal” image vs. how others see us. The situation may provoke an “automatic dissociation” in that one’s identity is split in two. Social people live and die by the “outer-world identity” that is imposed on them and which is highly unstable – therefore their identity is in a constant state of “negotiation” with those around them. “Props” such as physical appearance / status symbols are necessary to establish some “niche” in the hierarchy. A social typical’s internal identity is subsumed by the “social order” and suffers constantly from insecurity and inferiority, which must be assuaged by more, more, more attention-seeking behavior and acquisition of “props” –

      The same situation exists for “us” but our self-image is very strong and not based on social approval. It’s kind of like being a “puppy” in that puppies simply bumble about following an inner directive to “get to know” the world. Adult dogs innately allow but also guide, and limit this “boundless curiosity” while ensuring a place in the pack for each pup, according to its “personality”. Unfortunately, social humans are far more ruthless than canids and seek to obliterate and replace one’s “self-identity” with the “image” suitable to one’s socio-economic-gender-race-birth class.

      Need I say that this brutal “soul-killing” practice is horrifying to “us”?

      None of this need be explained to social typicals, who instantly “know” by our lack of social signals, that we are not “submissive” to being “re-identified” – one might as well expect a lion to be accepted into a gang of Hyenas, or vice versa. We are for practical purposes a different species. I think that for us, our internal image is “benign” – we are what we seek and know, which does not carry social implications: no one “owns” nature and knowledge. We are too open, friendly and therefore classified as “social mistakes” In canine terms, we “neglect” to tuck our tails (or poop) as a sign of submission to our “superiors” which in their eyes is an act of aggression! We get slapped around pretty good by those who “define” other people’s identity. No matter how harmless (and in fact “powerless”) we may see ourselves to be, we enrage the pack leaders!


  4. Of course.

    Normdom honestly believes that all individuals have ‘god-like powers’, i.e. full and complete control of all facets of life, from conception to decomposition, e.g “I am ***stronger*** than diabetes,” almost as if one could, by sheer force of will revert both damage and heredity to a better-than-pristine state of infinite glucose tolerance.

    I just kept turning my fingers into pincushions and my legs and stomch into sinkholes… I might end up returning to being an ‘insulin junkie’ in the foreseable future, as the pancreatits isn’t getting better with time and stress.


  5. I cannot like this article. It aarrgh. Anyways.
    There are so many misperceptions, I am having trouble believing that they have experience with Aspergers/Autists at all. And the arrogance of some of the statements. HOLY CRAP – Tantrums, hearing, touch, visual – the whole thing. OMG.


    • These are people who claim that their “summer camp” is for AU/AS kids and parents believe them? It’s incredible. And there’s always this nasty subtext that says ASD people are doing weird things on purpose!


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