Emotions 1954 / Pretty Sane compared to today…

Note the importance of environment as a learning “space” and physiologic responses as the “emotions” – not emotion WORDS. The focus is on the body; not on “mental constructs of emotions as the center of the human universe” (psychological theory)which produces NARCISSISM. Control of emotion by REASON. (Horrors! Reason is not allowed ca. 2018 It’s a symptom of developmental disorder – and is dangerous and antisocial.) Note “undermining of emotional sincerity” by adults as unwanted; don’t try to manipulate the child’s emotional reactions into socially prescribed “lies” which is the educational paradigm of American Ed. Psych>  

Old-fashioned? Yes. Practical, understandable, SANE? Yes. 

Today? The whole family would be diagnosed as mentally ill, disordered and behaviorally abnormal and would be drugged with multiple antipsychotic, mood altering, behavior-controlling prescriptions.

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