Pink Ghetto / Asperger Females


Cultural “judgements and impositions” are presumed to nullify biology.

Serendipitous “PINK” remarks:

“Asperger’s affects females in a slightly different way. Girls will have special interests but instead of building up an incredible wealth of knowledge on subjects like trains or dinosaurs – like boys with Asperger’s might – they tend to like the same things as neurotypical girls their age, albeit in a more focused way.”

“For example, a young girl with Asperger’s might make it her business to collect all of the outfits that Barbie has ever worn.”


Many statements about Asperger females go unchallenged, like the assertion that all females are good at social communication and behavior, therefore Asperger females must be better than AS males at socializing; this is given as an excuse for females being overlooked as candidates for diagnosis. Really? This is just one more unsubstantiated claim, that all women and girls are GOOD at social interaction. That’s a myth that pressures AS girls to conform to expectations.

In fact, the myth that girls are “nice” has been demolished by the popularity of girls as bullies, vicious competitors, violent criminals, hit men, psychopaths, sadists and sex addicts in popular culture. “Nice” girls get trampled to death.

The actual reason that females have been underdiagnosed is the paradox of Asperger’s. Boys are forgiven for being hypo-social; males are supposed to be independent, self-assured and  accomplished; math and science are considered to be male areas of expertize, whereas in females, these talents are viewed as grossly anti-feminine.

Also, math and science are overly-stressed as Asperger pursuits; the arts and humanities are ignored as fields where excellence, focus, diligence and intelligence are required and expressed. I suggest that male Asperger’s get far more attention, help and encouragement, plus job offers, because females are discriminated against to start with – add “Asperger” characteristics on top of that and good luck!

The stress for “treating” female Aspergers remains how to advice on “fitting in” “improving appearance” “small talk” “hiding intelligence” “how to get people to like you” “keeping your mouth shut” and similar self-hating indoctrination.



“A telltale sign of female Aspergers is that their hair is always a mess. It seems too complicated to comb hair. If their hair isn’t a mess then they have no idea what to do with guys. They have no sense of how to dress or how to present themselves to look like other women.”




These women don’t look like other women; they have no idea what to do with guys, but they “qualify” as  female.




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