Congress, Senate / Just who are these people?

The truly disturbing Fact To be found in this breakdown of the qualifications of America’s Congresspersons and Senators is the utter poverty of science education, knowledge, or practice. the People Who control our country’s Fate are not only Scientifically illiterate, many are completely hostile toward science education and Science-based Knowledge.

Actually, U.S. Senators and Congresspersons would have screwed up this simple job.

OUR Present Federal government Leaders and Actors would have been adequate to guiding a village of goat-herders in 1500 BCE! But they are totally miscast as a governing body in the 21st Century.  

113th Congress By the Numbers

02/21/2013 From Huffington Post by -Bill Lucey


• According to the CQ Roll Call Guide to the New Congress, in the 113th Congress, law is the primary profession of Senators, followed by public service or politics, and then business or the corporate field. In the House, business is first, followed by public service or politics and law. What is public service and how does it qualify as a profession? 

Other professions represented in the 113th Congress, include:

102 educators, employed as teachers, professors, instructors, school fundraisers, counselors, administrators, or coaches (90 in the House, 12 in the Senate). Gee: This is why public education is a dreadful failure. All those unions representatives and  lobbyists for the “education bureaucracy / industry” have a stranglehold on policy, legislation and funding by Congress and the Senate. 

• 2 physicians in the Senate, 17 physicians in the House (including 1 Delegate), including 2 dentists, 2 veterinarians, and 1 psychiatrist; 3 psychologists (both in the House), an optometrist (in the Senate), and 5 nurses (all in the House). These cannot be counted as “scientists” since much of medicine DOES NOT REQUIRE the practitioner to use the scientific method or to have a basic understanding of how science works. Look at Dr. Ben Carson: skilled surgeon – bat crap crazy believer in Biblical fantasies, conspiracies and delusions. 

• 5 ordained ministers, all in the House.

• 5 Peace Corps volunteers, all in the House.

• 3 sheriffs and 1 deputy sheriff, 2 FBI agents (all in the House), and a firefighter in the Senate.


• 2 physicists, 6 engineers, and 1 microbiologist (all in the House, with the exception of 1 Senator who is an engineer)

33 former mayors (24 in the House, 9 in the Senate.

• 5 radio talk show hosts (4 House, 1 Senate), 6 radio or television broadcasters (5 House, 1 Senate), 7 reporters or journalists (5 in the House, 2 in the Senate), and a radio station manager and a public television producer (both in the House). OMG!

• 9 accountants in the House and 2 in the Senate Really? Did they get fired for incompetence as accountants, thereby becoming eligible for government fiscal insanity? 

• 5 software company executives, all in the House.

• 3 pilots, all in the House, and 1 astronaut, in the Senate.

1 screenwriter, 1 comedian (removed), and 1 documentary film maker, all in the Senate, and 1 professional football player, in the House.

28 farmers, ranchers, or cattle farm owners (25 House, 4 Senate).

The FDA works for Big Ag and Big Pharma. Plus subsidies and handouts $$$ continue to supply cushy taxpayer-funded profits for powerful agriculture interests. Chicken nuggets made from floor sweepings offered as “lunch” in public schools, anyone?

• 2 almond orchard owners, (both in the House), 1 cattle farm owner (a Senator), 1 vintner (a House Member), 1 fisherman (a House Member), and 1 fruit orchard worker (a House Member). DITTO>

• 7 social workers in the House and 2 in the Senate.

• 9 current members of the military reserves (8 House, 1 Senate), and 7 current members of the National Guard (6 House, 1 Senate).

Roll Call Member profiles at the beginning of the 113th Congress, reported 21 members of the House and 1 Senator have no educational degree beyond a high school diploma.

• 7 Members of the House have associate’s degrees as their highest degree, and 1 House Member has an L.P.N. (nursing) degree.

• 85 members of the House and 14 Senators earned a master’s degree as their highest education degree.

• 169 Members of the House (38% of the House) and 57 Senators (57% of the Senate), held law degrees. Nothing like individuals trained to believe in an adversarial system to make “getting things done” impossible.

• 19 House Representatives have doctoral (Ph.D. or D.Phil.) degrees. In what? Religion, psychology, Bible studies?

• 22 Members of the House and 3 Senators have a medical degree. These do not count as scientists.

• 3 Representatives and one Senator in the 113th Congress are graduates of the U.S. Military Academy and 1 Senator and 1 Representative graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy.

• 1 Senator and 2 Representatives were Rhodes Scholars, 2 Representatives were Fulbright Scholars, 2 Representatives were Marshall Scholars, and 1 Representative was a Truman Scholar.

• Statistics gathered by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, report that 98 percent of the Members of the 113th Congress cite a specific religious affiliation, with the vast majority being Christian. (Diversity? Never. Anti-science? You bet)

Other findings by Pew:

• 56% of the members (247 in the House, 52 in the Senate) are Protestant, with Baptist as the most represented denomination.

• 31% of the members (136 in the House, 27 in the Senate) are Catholic.

• 6.2% of the members (22 in the House, 11 in the Senate) are Jewish.

• 2.8% of the members (8 in the House, 7 in the Senate) are Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

• 3 Members (2 in the House, 1 in the Senate) are Buddhist, 2 House members are Muslim, and 1 House Member is Hindu.

• Other religious affiliations represented include Greek Orthodox, Quaker, Unitarian Universalist, Christian Science Unitarian Universalist, and Christian Science.

Foreign Birth
• 9 Representatives and three Senators (2.2% of the entire 113th Congress) were born outside the United States; their places of birth include: Canada, Cuba, Great Britain, Japan, Peru, and Thailand.

Military Service
• At the beginning of the 113th Congress, there were 108 members (20% of the total membership) who had served or were serving in the military, 10 fewer than at the beginning of the 112th Congress (118 Members) and 12 fewer than in the 111th Congress (120 members).

• According to CQ Roll Call, the House currently has 87 veterans (including 2 female members, as well as 2 Delegates); the Senate has 18.

• 8 House members and 1 Senator are still serving in the Reserves, and 6 House Members and one Senator are still serving in the National Guard. Both of the female veterans are combat veterans.



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