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Hunter Gatherer Research Journal of the International Society of Hunter Gatherer Research

The revival of hunter-gatherer research

Bushmen wearing a shona, made of steenbok or duiker skin. On his back is the bow bag that carries the bow, spears, knife and javelin for hunting. Makgadikgadi Pans. Botswana

Bushmen: Botswana

“While anthropologists to a large extent seem to have lost interest in hunter-gatherer societies, scientists from other disciplines continue to see the scientific relevance of hunter-gatherers . In addition to anthropologists, there are many (experimental) archeologists, linguists, neuro-psychologists, evolutionary biologists, art historians, and people interested in legal studies, child development and comparative health and nutrition studies.”

Great Basin, U.S.: Native Americans gathering rice. We tend to forget that many NAM tribes were highly successful HGs.

One thought on “Leiden U. Blog / Hunter Gatherer Research Revival

  1. Well, ideas come to my mind when i watch them illustrations.
    I went for paintings by G. Catlin dated to 19th century.
    They are really good paint jobs of the daily life of Native Americans.

    Maybe when a mass catastrophe has hit our life, we must return to the
    hunter-gatherer lifeform. We facing mass genocide of all life the last 100 years! It gets faster and faster. I can’t think of how this happens at such a high rate!

    For you it is pleasant accomplishing such living form of hunting-gathering. Seemingly you have blood group 0, that is the hunter gatherer bloodgroup. If not, you seem to admire past life forms. Well, what about the industry and how to disbuilt? Then return to agriculture and hunter-gathering.

    Right now civilians still have the chance to harbour such life style. There are plenty tribes in remote areas of our planet that never have met with civilisation, like in Brasil. Sad to say, but the never ending exploration will reach them one day! What will happen to them? What has happened to others before, who also never met with civilians? We know it. Most of them passed away.

    What the biggest failure is indeed is the destroyment of green nature, f.e. jungle forests ! Please stop that @everybody. We all can eat, but not from building up high profit from disobeing natural habitats by replacing them with monoculture. You may reach big earnings once and 10 years but not forever and you know what this did to earth. Leaving earth dead and it takes the jungle decades to recover. But a jungle without fauna is a sad place to see. Water pollution! It is one of the biggest failures.

    STOP THAT AND THINK OF A GREEN PLANET FOR THE GENERATIONS TO COME. Would you like to live in a devasteted earth? You do not.

    Protect all kinds of life. Eat only how much you need and give and let enough back. Not Gods creation is getting destroyed, the Demiurge is having your mental actions corrupted. You only will have a short time of joy and you may like having your “best” life span, but after that what is left over, you will create damage and sufferings. That is the devils hand you feed.


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