Just the Facts, Ma’am / Black and White Thinking Re-Post

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Neurotypicals label fact-based thinking “black & white thinking,” because neurotypicals don’t believe that facts are facts.  

Asperger individuals are ‘put down’ for responding to the environment as if it were a literal place (it is) and we are accused by social typicals of black and white thinking. Black and White Thinking, as used by social humans, means that they react to the factual basis of reality as a type of “cheating” because they don’t accept facts as facts. Facts are devoid of nuance, imagination or optimism. That is, facts cannot be “made up” to invent personal universes. Aspergers are fact-oriented. The universe we inhabit is a literal universe. Physical limits and relationships do exist and can be described and predicted mathematically. Social humans don’t like this truth (that facts exist) one bit, so a dislike of Asperger individuals is a case of Kill the Messenger.

Social humans believe that the manmade “social” environment is all that exists and there is a general ignorance of the restrictions and consequences of natural forces, or that humans are subject, like it or not, to the Laws of Nature. Facts and ‘yes or no’ situations don’t exist for neotenic social people. There is always a way around a problem: everything is negotiable; denial and outright lies subvert reality.

Social humans spend enormous time and energy on attempts to avoid reality; the mirage of negotiability is an essential tool used in denial. Hope, optimism, and prayer, and recently, New Age ‘psychic’ methods and bogus health schemes are sold to anxious people who can’t resist exempting themselves from being a real live human being by having a special relationship with a higher magical power (big parent.) In the United States, the firm belief that power can be obtained by imitative magic (purchasing knock offs worn by celebrities, and adopting their narcissistic  behavior) has become necessary to the economy.

A mirage that universal limits and laws are negotiable seems to placate neurotypicals. Many Christians believe that they have a direct line to Mr. Negotiator-for-Jehovah, Jesus – who can now be reached by smart phone Apps.

jesus-cell-phoneThis is the social environment; conditions are uncertain and stressful. Asperger people, not being socially indoctrinated, accept facts and find social machinations a waste of human potential, because they are. What social people denigrate as black and white thinking is rational fact-based thinking, using a science-based wealth of knowledge and common sense. The universe is  infinitely more simple, beautiful and complex than social humans can imagine. Too bad that they don’t know what they are missing.


6 thoughts on “Just the Facts, Ma’am / Black and White Thinking Re-Post

  1. you are absolutely right my dear, enjoy your blog! glad to see at least a few rational and nature lovong poeple are left in this mad neotenic society!


  2. I do believe that there is an evolutionary cause behind modern incompetence – Modern humans exist as a result of domestication / juvenalization. It’s a complex topic, especially as it requires modern “social” humans to accept that their development is retarded at an adolescent or even infantile state. My hypothesis is that Asperger’s (and likely many other people considered odd or defective) retain, at least partially) a pre-social, pre-agricultural type of brain organization and processing, which is concrete, not modern-social, and highly capable of real world problem-solving. That is, (primitive) Wild Humans were healthier and smarter than (we) are. Stay tuned for more, and thank-you for your comments.


  3. It has always been the case that anyone who does not fit into society has a serious fault. In recent years some societies have become more tolerant of minorities providing they don’t upset the system.
    The freedom of an intolerant group should be restricted only when the tolerant sincerely, and with reason believe that their own security and that of the institutions of liberty are in danger.


    • Yes, a society overcome by fear looses tolerance – circles the wagons around ideas that may actually bring about its demise. More than tolerance is needed: someone must embrace the idea that the very people a society fears may be its best hope for renewal. Tolerance for many people means you still get to hate a person or group, but you keep mouth shut, avoid contact or recite PC jargon about diversity. Asperger types are unlikely troublemakers: politics, ideologies, associations, uprisings or revolutions are SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. The last thing we want is any group activity – I mean yoga class would be out of league! LOL


      • You are right fear makes us tribal and we only recognise our own tribe.
        Much of politics is run on fear and careful use of the media. It is a very effective way of getting votes.
        We live in a totally unequal world where 23,000 starve to death each day. For all our advancement and intelligence we are unable to run the world properly.


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