There is no plan for human behavior / People do what they do.

Sometimes all motion stops: it’s just you, the individual, the raging world receding like a storm or flood or whirlpool that wants to suck you in and down to defeat. The “bad world” isn’t going away; the money, the rules, the nasty people, the corrupt justice system, the racism, the predators, the lies, the deception, the incompetence.

Why is Life a mess? Because there is no plan.

I wonder at times, How does it all get done? How do governments, businesses, cities and towns, industries and agriculture, communications and banking happen? I think most people assume that there’s a plan written down somewhere; a right way to be; a blueprint for cultures, societies, nations: order exists somewhere, but there is no plan; no rule book, no one watching. There only are individuals “doing things.” Civilization is individuals “doing things” – that’s all.

The scary part is that if people stop to think about this, they fear that society might go flying off into anarchy; fear is one force that keeps people doing what they do.  But we don’t know that chaos would be the outcome; earth’s systems, such as climate and weather, can be quite chaotic because the number of inputs is so complex, and yet, we could not exist without chaotic systems. Looking at earth geologically, earth is a survivor, not a stable, fixed entity. We would not recognize our planet for 99.99 % of its history. We are products of earth as it is now – has been for mere thousands of years. It’s our function is to fulfill being human in the way that a pine tree is a pine tree, a tiger a tiger.

What if individuals began changing what they’re doing? Today you obey; tomorrow you question, the next day you do something different. Perhaps your job is to “facilitate” applications for a service. You secretly love being that member of bureaucratic civilization that blocks, delays, and frustrates the people you are supposedly serving. You do this because you believe that your job is the opposite of what it is; you turn your own anger and frustration into the definition of your job. You make other people pay for your personal gripes. We all have gripes and even serious complaints about how we’re “handled” by society. If this is the basis for human-human interaction we’re doomed. The stress of “Who can be the most obnoxious, hurtful  ‘blood clot’ in other people’s arteries?” cannot be sustained.  Right now the “doing” of civilization is a non-stop competition to be the most obnoxious person possible – but how many individuals are “doing” something that will sustain society, not destroy it? Shouldn’t we all be contributing to a healthy civilization?

Instead of setting out tomorrow to “screw” other people, just stop. Try changing what you do. Be brave. Take a chance. Aspergers individuals supposedly lack empathy, but guess what? We care about equality and justice and not socially insincere “blah, blah, blah.” We care every day about people we don’t know, who do nothing for us, just because that’s our way, our “doing.”  This blog is what I do: a self-assigned challenge to a society that rejects me, and people like me, and which persists in abusing perfectly okay humans.

We don’t have to accept society’s plans for us. There are no plans, blueprints, or lists of who counts and who doesn’t; these are human ideas. There are only individuals doing what they do.


3 thoughts on “There is no plan for human behavior / People do what they do.

  1. Kommentierer is back to reflect some. My last visit was long ago.
    And here is my first comment for the 2018.
    Posting the article you have can be a form of therapy to get you away from the negative expierences from and with “society” and nt way of order.

    But i think the most part is in the inner self that is unhappy with it, but it is hard to get out. Everybody need to conform with rules and if they don’t apply to the person it’s normal. Nobody is the same person as others, because rules and views on them are different.

    For the most part of the endless boring appearing life in a society to a person with “asperger” i see clearly that they were not asked if the want that form of life put on them and driven in! This is the problem and i think this is your point and what makes you the most problems.

    Well, today is what it is. It’s hard to change things. The past was of course lesser social problems and at such a big number. Simply because there were not so much humans. Also the nature for the most part of it was not inhabited by humans. It was wild and there was really enough space to eliberate your thoughts and grow up as a free will person. But of course the past is gone, today is surely not for everybody a place to be happy with.


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