Asperger Types have no emotions? / How we “feel” the pain… warning

Warning… very graphic. This is the “animal” analogy to the PREDATORY SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT we are forced to live in. 


This is true for ALL Modern Humans, but unlike animals, human beings are “kept alive” to serve the economic system. This “trapper” could be a corporation, a member of Congress, a lawyer, a lobbyist, a bureaucrat, a credit card company, a debt collector, the Justice System, the prison system, the Tech Industry, the “helping, caring, fixing” industry, Big Pharma …. the Healthcare Industry, the Mortgage Industry, the Insurance Industry, the Education Industry, the Student Loan Industry, and of course, myriad government programs and agencies. The Advertising and Marketing Industry, the Food Industry, BANKS… and on and on. 

There are more PREDATORS than prey at this point…


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