Saturday Quotes / Lewis Mumford

“Certainly it is not in extensive cosmonautic explorations of outer space, but by more intensive cultivation of the historic inner spaces of the human mind, that we shall recover the human heritage. In a sense, all my major books, starting with Technics and Civilization, the first volume in The Renewal of Life series, have been attempts to understand the repeated miscarriages of mind that have limited the highest achievements of every historic civilization. My maturest interpretation of the archaeological and historic evidence will be found in three successive books: The City in History, 1960, Technics and Human Development, 1967, and The Pentagon of Power, 1970.”

In Mumford, Lewis. 1972. “Two Views of Technology and Man. “ Technology, Power, and Social Change, Charles Thrall and Jerold Starr, eds. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.

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