Intro to Stone Age Environment / Intelligence of Wild Human Ancestors

Imagine, as a puny human, that this is your daily environment – and mega competition for food. The tools and “weapons” made by Stone Age humans would indicate a scavenger lifestyle based on tools as compensation for a lack of “predatory” equipment; sprint speed, mass, size, jaw strength, ripping, stabbing, crushing or cutting teeth, and “close up and personal” contact killing that is required of predators.

The Stone Age tool kit is perfect for butchering, skinning, and bone-breaking after the fact of the animal having been disabled or killed. Even spears, presumed to be attack weapons, may have been used for jabbing and thrusting as defense against large predators – in imitation of the “look how big I am” bipedal stance used by bears, combined with a spear point of either hardened wood or shaped stone, attached to a long shaft, to compensate for the deadly claws of both predator and prey animals, which humans lack. Distance from the “natural weapons” of the large animal would be paramount in any scavenging, stealing or hunting strategy, as would be pack behavior, with specific tasks assigned (just like wolves) to pack members.

Harassing of the animal with non-lethal wounds and threatening behavior, including a prolonged chase (the persistent application of stress), would be an “intelligent” and far less dangerous method than the “heroic” man against beast myth of “single combat” popular in pop culture narratives.

Sure! Run up to that massive bear, grab it by the “face” … and then what? Stupid hunting ideas by neurotypicals.

Still think that our Wild Human ancestors were just like us? The majority of modern social humans would never have succeeded in a Stone Age environment that required inventive visual intelligence, “animal cunning”, self-control, and a judicious balance of risk and benefit. And, significantly, the ability to copy the successful physical equipment and behaviors of other animals (and natural phenomena) and to utilize materials available in nature, to rapidly override the incredibly slow rate of evolutionary adaptation, with immediate, short term technical innovation.

Wild Human Ancestors: 

The Creationist version, the Infantile American and Creationist version…

The powerless proto-male adolescent fantasy version… 

The entertainment industry “bonehead” version…

and the current “Paleo-idiot” marketing version…

CavemenWorld is the Internet’s leading resource for Paleo lifestyle information. Nobody knew better how to survive the trials of living than the cavemen. Our Articles and Insights cover the entire gamut of human endeavors from a Stone Age perspective, showing you how to Eat, Move, Explore and Thrive like our cave-dwelling ancestors did, so that you can be just as healthy, strong and full of life as they were.

Let’s see what Stone Age women were doing…neurotypical idiot version…

“Cavewoman Makeover”

Totally unrealistic, but who cares?  

And, Where’s that mass extinction event, when we so desperately need it? 



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