Aspergers and Language / Our Words Are Ignored

One of the significant complaints by “experts” in education and psychology is that although Asperger types have “word skills” from an early age, these skills don’t count because we don’t use language to meet “social standards”. These standards mainly apply to fiction-writing: narratives, hierarchical presentations, Sunday School lessons on how not to offend “the social gods”. People-centered stories of fall from grace and return to the social fold.

Asperger types don’t understand or follow “formulas” presented to us by teachers in elementary school and the tired cliché instructions on how and what to write that are repeated throughout twelve years of standard American education, and include courses that are labeled as creative writing, (which from personal experience) are about how to successfully copy the “styles and fads” current in mass publishing.

So much for free speech. So much for how life actually proceeds as a complex  unfolding of events; the result of chance, coincidence, and the archaic beliefs of “dead people”, but also the application of science and technology. Discovery of non-socially-contrived forces and patterns is not allowed; anything worth reading must be arranged, however falsely, to reinforce myths about how human beings are “supposed to be”. American literature is lesson-heavy religious literature, dominated by Original Sin, whichever genre is selected for expression.

The average American is so bereft of experience with reading “world” literature, and fears contamination by other cultures so intently, that he or she must be told by authority figures what is safe to read.

Texts about redemption from social failure are always popular: the correct diet and cooking regimes; the correct way to cheat age and death, the correct wardrobe, hairstyle, make up, accessories and language for successful social interactions; the socially acceptable demonstration of testosterone-driven behavior; the reliance on miracles and other secrets of supernatural power, and of course public confessions-penance-apologies by celebrities about their addiction, recovery, finding Jesus and / or a high-social-dividend charity cause. The easy path to wealth, of course and related blah, blah, blah is ever-present.

The fact that is missed, is that “words” about boring people are boring, unless the author is a top caliber talent such as Truman Capote; he’s now dead.

Exciting people are rare, and writers who can do them justice are more rare.

Oprah: Reduced to selling mashed potatoes mixed with cauliflower…

So what we have instead are Social Reality TV shows. The message propagated by these escapades seems to be that the behavior of human beings worth observing and copying lies outside any reasonable definition of adult behavior; the “subjects” of these televised experiments are stupid and obnoxious; indeed are embarrassingly crude and violent narcissists, regardless of “social status”. The result is the same old class system message: the rich are rewarded, admired, and get away with quasi-criminal acts; the poor are ridiculed as “human trash” to be harassed and kept in their place at the bottom of the pyramid by law enforcement.

The point for Asperger types is this: Our words don’t count and remain unheard in the characterizations and accusations about Who we are…

But there is an even more serious implication in the social dominance system of who may speak and who may not.

No one outside of the restricted domain of media attention, which is dictated by the 1% of predators at the top, will be heard.  

This means that all of nature, and 99% of human diversity, is intentionally discarded from social reality. 

The people, ideas, activities, behaviors, traditions, personal thoughts and desires;  their physical environments and cultural riches are hidden, indeed banned from American neurotypical awareness; like Dark Matter, the true content of the human universe remains unknown.




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