Identity Theft / Magical Thinking Re-Post


Corporations manipulate consumer identity: Your identity = the brands you buy. Note the obscene reference to a product being the same as a person. Yes, you can experience intimacy with your dish detergent, the tires on your car and the toothpaste you buy.

Predatory social humans have been practicing identity theft for millennia.

Most of us think of identity theft as a recent social phenomenon: social security numbers; bank accounts; credit card accounts. The people that profit from information collection run the spectrum from corporations whose only true product is the astounding volume of data that they collect (with or without permission) to criminal enterprises large and small.  Personal information is “stolen” invisibly and in mass quantities, by whom? Private hackers, 10-year olds, foreign governments, internet criminal gangs – a middle school financial club, social media sites.

We (the public, businesses and governments) are now scrambling to protect ourselves from a magic monster we have created: a digital global network of fiber optic cables and satellites that reaches into our homes and spies on private activities. Invasive technologies follow us from our front door, throughout our wanderings and daily appointments, utilizing indispensable “toy smart phones” that we now “can’t live without.” Our familiar environment is salted with cameras that are believed by magical thinkers to accurately “capture” representations of reality, which they decidedly do not.

We volunteer to spy on our families, coworkers, neighbors and private persons on the street. This is a modern social phenomenon; evidence for what I’ve been discussing in so many posts on this blog.  domesticated humans are childlike in their trust of authority, even when the “rational” processes of the brain send out alarms that “something” is going on that may be harmful to their private world. Unfortunately the need to be accepted by the group (and what a large group it has become), fear of rejection, and the obsessive need for attention, take over and dictate behavior.

The function of behavior control formerly was the domain of religion (and still is for the majority of Americans) who exist in a barren wealth-based culture and “long to belong.” Since its beginnings, the United States has counted on supernatural entities to round up and corral individuals into a prescribed and acceptable group identity while claiming to be democratic. The enforcement of religious identity (religious corporate branding) has always been in conflict with the myth of the true American Individual. Sacrificing one’s personal identity in favor of being confined to a negative and restricted version of “being human,” is hardly the fulfillment of the goals established in the U.S. Constitution. Magical thinkers believe this foundational document is supernatural, that is, created by God through the magic of “divine inspiration.” – Mind control and therefore guaranteed.

One difficult artifact of this mind set is that political rights, which must continually be examined, defined, extended and legally protected are believed to be supernatural objects which simply exist outside of time and space: It’s the Magic Word delusion again. The Constitution says so, God wrote the Constitution, God wants me to have whatever I want, therefore the Constitution says I can do whatever I want. It’s a convenient fact that few Americans have read either.

Such “forever and ever eternal word concepts” cannot be applied in the physical world, but Americans invoke these supernatural concepts repeatedly (It’s my right to be obese, it’s my right to ignore any law I don’t like, it’s my right to impose Biblical dogma on science curricula, it’s my right as a wealthy elite to buy elections, it’s my right to exploit foreign workers, it’s my right as a Liberal/Conservative to impose my control on other people” and the ever-popular, “It’s my right to deprive other people their rights.”


Oh look! You can learn to have supernatural power, just like Jesus!

Oh look! You can learn to have supernatural power, just like God!

The traditional supernatural delusion in Christianity has been that a male God, after creating a planet for humans to occupy, and quickly getting disgusted with his creation, pretty much vanished, but left “magic devices” in place that follow each and every human 24/7 (a kind of GPS / God chip) so that He knows whose been good or bad and can hand out punishment or prizes. (Uh-oh, we’re getting confused between God and Santa Claus.) Some believe that a “guardian angel” has singled them out for special treatment; “I’m special, you’re not.” So much sibling rivalry!

The point is that modern social humans have for thousands of years accepted intrusion into the most private of domains – the brain (formerly the Soul.) Social humans have accepted surveillance, judgment, punishment and reward on the part of invisible agents, who direct their thoughts, actions and behavior – and life’s collective minutiae. Social humans have for millennia voluntarily handed over the most valuable attribute of our species: the capacity to create a personal identity – to an imaginary dimension.

The nightmare of a supernatural dimension populated by beings which previously implanted “magical control devices” into the human brain has now been achieved in the real world, by actual technologies, and on a scale that has yet to be comprehended by the average social human.

It was so easy…



2 thoughts on “Identity Theft / Magical Thinking Re-Post

  1. The idea with ‘impression management’ is that you don a persona like a garment, and ‘become someone stronger /better/ more capable’ – just as if you were indeed an initated-into-spookdom shaman.

    This is magicican’s thinking – which is concerned with ‘why do I want to be *the god* / maximum leader’. Magical thinking is concerned with ‘how do I become ‘the god / maximum leader’. The two modes overlap considerably.

    Human nature hasn’t changed much *at all* since the time prior to the oldest Egyptian pharaohs. Back then, everything had its chants, its incantations, its ‘lords of the realm’ exemplified by idols (which, if properly constructed and consecrated, had ‘spirits’ bound to them) and its ‘uplifted practitioners’ – which, ultimately, were individuals that understood just ***how*** people actually operated.

    Most of these last would today be regarded as ‘personality disordered’ – and the strongest among them, psychopaths. The connection between ‘psychopathy’ and ‘magic’ is a powerful one.


    • Thanks for reminding me of this post: after 700+ I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve written. I would say that psychopaths = predators = leaders. Predators at the TOP of the pyramid are deceptively social “good daddies” while legally cannibalizing human prey, whereas predators lower on the pyramid are more likely to use violence and intimidation-manipulation. I would also say that magical thinking characterizes human “prey” and makes predation possible.


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