I need to clarify my “view” of Asperger’s “the thing” in 2017

This is not going to be easy: I’ve been in a foul mood for days. Sick from reading, reading, reading the awful literature “about” Autism; the myriad denials, excuses, pompous exclamations and explanations of what?

Damaged Children.

  1. In my considered opinion, Aspergers “as I know it”, both by experience and investigation, is a PERSONALITY TYPE in modern Homo sapiens.
  2. “Disturbances” in behavior result from the extreme rarity of this personality in the modern social context.
  3. Asperger’s is closely associated with the MBTI “introverted thinking” types.
  4. Asperger’s as the “pathology” (which is identified-defined by modern social demands for conformity to “approved human behavior” – dictated by Western psychological theory) is “real” in that Asperger children  experience social trauma from a very early age, resulting in anxiety, withdrawal from social interaction, focus on private mental experiences, and resistance to “dog-training” methods of socialization; reward – punishment schemes that let’s face it – are the limit of American imagination and effort when it comes to raising children. “Dog-training” is suitable for domestic animals. 
  5. Positive characteristics such as advanced maturity (independence, self-motivation and learning), curiosity, visual thinking, and reliance on a specific egalitarian set of values that determine, for us, “proper” human interaction, are denigrated, attacked, and falsely represented as “defective” “subhuman” “inferior” and symptoms of developmental disability. These values are basic principles of democracy; fair play, justice, equality and honest human communication were, until recently, principles at least promoted to children as goals to establish “good character” and necessary to a stable and free society.  Now? It’s social warfare that it is demanded; any and all ugly behavior is sanctioned in the battle for power over other human beings.
  6. Asperger’s was ‘eliminated’ from the DSM – 5. Why? The “reasons” are rather mysterious. “It’s simpler to have socially problematic people under one big diagnostic umbrella,” seems to be the official explanation. The “Autism Spectrum” is imaginary; an inflated pool of behavior “problems” with myriad presentations, sources and causes. It’s a “sanitizing” word-concept that covers up the damage done to fetuses, infants, toddlers and children by careless and selfish adults, and by random “mistakes” inherent in natural processes. Many of these “causes” are preventable, but the “cult” of denial of personal responsibility for reproductive choices is in control in the U.S. today. It’s so much easier to “blame God” for a mind-boggling supernatural system of “baby-making disasters”, which have  preventable “real” causes. God must be fed up by now with being blamed for human social behavior. 
  7. Irrational, painful, disastrous – but Autism is a highly profitable imaginary realm for psychologists who function as ‘middle men’ in a vast industry built on fear. ASD is the latest version of a socially-motivated growth industry: Convincing human beings that they are inherently “defective” – and must obey the priests who can supply “salvation” (for a price; a sacrifice, a donation – cash or insurance). Psychology is def facto, a religion. And – so thinly disguised that it is embraced without question by highly religious Americans. 
  8. Asperger’s “the thing” has become a joke. A fad, a novelty, a tool for discrimination; a shabby “socially-approved” label for “disobedient”  children upon which people can safely express prejudice, hate, bigotry, ignorance. Asperger’s, the pejorative label, has been co-opted by the great American pop-culture machine, which trivializes anything and everything “culturally distinct” out of existence. (Assembly-line “Mexican” food anyone? Gang signs and tattoos for suburban moms? Camo clothes and toy AK-47s for soldier-toddlers?) Asperger’s isn’t a diagnosis; its an extreme minority designated as traditional outcasts; the list of “designated targets” – those scapegoats who can be blamed for society’s failures, is very long in human social history.

Who will be next?

The mentally ill, disabled and “social defectives” are once again front and center in the Eugenic Dream to perfect humanity – a distinctly American Dream. A resurgence of traditional Eugenic focus  is rapidly expanding to include “genetic” mistakes – at the most deterministic level – “cleansing of the human genome”. “Autistic” children are being used to identify defective genes which will be “removed”. 

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