Aspie Women Who are Employed / Actual Jobs, Careers

From an ASPIE chat site:

Good news; there are Aspie women who are successfully employed in jobs and professions that suit them. A big criterion for happiness is, Little to no public contact, or required socialization with co-workers.

Taxi Driver: Limited conversation with clients; independent contractor; if the client is rude or “aggressive” I can kick him or her out.

PhD student: I get paid to sit around my lab, play music and run experiments. Only occasional contact with supervisor. 

Aerospace Engineer for 20 years. Quote: The plural of “anecdote” is not “data”

Insurance fraud detective: I see through the BS”

Pricing Analyst for large company. No public contact or phone work; just pages and pages of spreadsheets. I like it.

Night shift as shelf stocker: no people.

Library archives: Office in basement. No people. Lots of SciFi books to read.

Library researcher: no people. 

Computer Industry: Aspie friendly.


Freelance translator.

Exploration Geologist: dropped off in the field 8 AM by helicopter. Alone all day until picked up at 6 PM.

Long haul truck driver.

Business analyst in IT.

Chemical Engineer.

Engineering Co. Creating accurate billings for construction projects.

Lab Tech: little human contact.

Computer Programmer: few “social females” to deal with.

Electrical and Chemical Engineer: Top management.

Court Reporter.

2 thoughts on “Aspie Women Who are Employed / Actual Jobs, Careers

  1. As an Aspie guy, unfortunately I have to report that there are high barriers to entry to this stuff, because these are exactly the sort of jobs that can easily be automated.


    • Yes. Live humans will soon be replaced. But in the meantime, people have to support themselves. The idea that Asperger people are unemployable is not true. The women in this post found employment that doesn’t require being social. I thought other Aspie women might like some suggestions.


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