American Myths about Gender / Math, Science, Engineering

Status of Women in the states: Wow! Terrific interactive info website.

Why dirt and rocks? They’re not people.

American psychologists continue to propagate the bald-faced lie that “girls” have the wrong kind of brain to be scientists, engineers or mathematicians; that even if we  can manage to “do the math”, somewhere in our genetically determined “femaleness” we lack a gene for curiosity, competence or interest in “the real world” of strictly “guy stuff”. Women like me, who pursued science as my academic choice, “aren’t real females” – our brains are actually “male”. Psychologists say so, so I ought to believe them. Fortunately, I have a “science” brain. It’s a female brain. They’re liars.

How do Americans explain this?  Countries and cultures that we think of as “highly prejudiced and cruel in their treatment of women” (Islamic) produce as many or more female as male scientists, engineers, mathematicians (and medical doctors.) So despite the usual misogyny, Islam apparently doesn’t buy into the “male brain = science brain” BS. 

And Asia…

How does the U.S. compare?

Way down here at 39th – and that’s counting both male and female graduates! 

And this chart says it all: Aptitude between males and females is about equal: opportunity is not. It’s the lack of opportunity and “nasty” anti-female culture in academia and business that drives women out of science and engineering into “low pay; low status” jobs in human services. Because we don’t value human beings, jobs that “deal with people” are low pay and low status. That includes education and childcare – the female ghetto. 

Note that “psychology” is a female-dominated field; it’s not actually “science” so has little status compared to “the Sciences”. That’s how the gender pay-gap works. The propaganda that male brain = science, math, engineering ability and that the female brain = “helping people” (being non-competitive and emotion-driven) serves to support and maintain economic gender discrimination. 

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