What Happens When Social Rules Change? / Look Around

Asperger people are criticized for not being social, that is, we just don’t respond to social requirements as demanded by the multiple agencies of “social order”. As an Asperger, I recognize, perhaps more clearly and emphatically than neurotypicals, the need for “rules of the road” to be applied to billions of social humans who must “try to get along” with each other while providing enough resources to keep “everyone alive” and the slaves pulling their respective oars on the great barge of civilization.

Asperger individuals find themselves trying to understand human behavior from an early age, growing up as we do, on the deck of a heaving “Noah’s Ark” loaded with stampeding elephants, running to and fro, trampling the other animals, and trumpeting complaints that “The Flood” is all the other animals’ fault. All the other animals acknowledge that the Elephants are in charge – look how big and powerful they are; and how much water they drink! And food! There’s little left for the rest of the animals, who try to obey the orders the Elephants dish out about who gets to drink and eat; how much and when. A system tolerable by social animals, when each group and members of the group, get a decent amount to live on… but the damn elephants keep changing the “who gets what and how much” day to day, and even minute to minute.

The elephants have abandoned their “function” as leaders, charged with organizing the procurement of supplies, and the distribution of necessities, so that all the types of animals who joined the Ark, in a reproductive two by two scheme, ready to fulfill their part in the future of “Life After The Flood” (or at least to recover between what is a permanent condition of change and natural disaster as the pattern in Earth’s history) will have a “good shot” at extending the success of their species,  and of those species whose destiny is tied to theirs’ and vice versa.

Some of the Aspergers, who are caught in the melee of greed, confusion, desperation and irrational violence that has overtaken the deck of the Ark, hide wherever they can; finding refuge on the sinking barge, in out of the way nooks and crannies below deck. Others believe that they must try to join the madness on deck by “becoming” part of the insanity; others jump ship, discovering that there’s dry land “out there” that the denizens of the Ark simply can’t see.

After thousands of years of poor leadership, and billions more “animals” on the once-capacious Ark, no one sees the problem: the Social Rules no longer make sense. The rules keep changing minute to minute inside the social order. The animals are leaderless and resort to making their own rules, simply to survive the chaos. Some  groups see the opportunity to overthrow the elephants and impose their own rules on everyone. It’s the usual social response to leaderless conditions. Desperation. War as a state of mind that is acted upon with increasing frequency. Imposition of even worse tyrannical regimes.

But in physical reality, Nature’s laws have not changed, nor will they. Nature imposes the real and ultimate test of human behavior. Asperger people understand this. A Native American philosophical position was related to me by a Sioux acquaintance:

 “The white man will destroy himself; we wait, they will go away. We will have our way of life back and we are preserving our traditions, and will, for as long as it takes.”

Meanwhile, the elephants are rearranging the deck chairs on Noah’s Yacht.  

And no, I’m not picking on Republicans, but on failed leadership by the “top of” the social pyramid, which is responsible for leadership – you get the perks of power and wealth; you create order and protect your people through a COHERENT system of rules and regulation, and fairness in the application of social restrictions and consequences.



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