Reward Good Behavior in Schools? / U.K. vs. U.S.A.

Two articles directed at classroom teachers on the topic of rewarding students who practice good behavior. A rather strange cultural difference in attitude and perspective is presented: is this accounted for by the personal opinions of those who wrote the articles, or does it point out a critical culture difference in respective educational psychologies?  

FROM the U.K.

Stop ignoring good behaviour!


From the U.S. 

Why You Shouldn’t Reward Students For Good Behavior



One thought on “Reward Good Behavior in Schools? / U.K. vs. U.S.A.

  1. I cannot speak for the US system, but here in Europe good behaviour is supposed to be publicly rewarded and bad behaviour addressed in private. I’m not saying that all teachers are able to follow this ideal, but we tend to not believe in violence (physical or psychological) as a behaviour-regulator. The Finnish school system is a great example of how a teaching system based on positive reinforcement can work.

    But all of our states are coloured by whatever the current propaganda is. Hungary has become a much more conservative (in the bad sense) country and that also means the return of violence in all parts of life.

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