2 thoughts on “Sensory Processing Disorder / Updated Critique

  1. Interesting how they seem to think that there is an either/or situation going on with SPD children. I am oversensitive to labels and waists. The pain is no fun. But I can also stick a needle into something pus-filled and empty that sack without hurting even close to what a label can do to me. I have a constant noise inside my head (not tinnitus) that is just there. But sometimes I get hit by tinnitus like noises and they are painful and extremely annoying.

    Once again, I think that scientists need to their subjects with the goal of understanding what message that person is trying to convey rather than confirming their own hypotheses.


    • I think one HUGE problem with modern medicine is that in many ways it exists for ITSELF – a system of symptoms, diagnosis and “iffy” treatment that must be maintained and expanded by the invention of more conditions for which new technology and drugs can be applied. Doctors may as well be replaced by robots, which at least would have “take an interest in your patient” programmed in. I can’t remember the last time I walked out of a doctor’s office after an appointment and didn’t feel sorry that I’d bothered to go. I feel obligated to tell them I’m Bipolar and Aspergers for safety reasons (drug interactions) but then I see that “LOOK” come over their faces. Some try to “joke around” (the high-low thing) or say something benign (How’s that going for you?) or pretend they didn’t hear me and rush through the appointment. I asked one nurse to write it in on my chart so I didn’t have to keep telling every nurse and doctor. It’s a small clinic (that’s all we have) and the staff turnover is amazing. Never ever has a medical doctor asked me about bipolar or Asperger, which are the two Mt. Everests of my life.

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