Mothers and Children in America / The Grim Reality

Mothers and Children: the grim reality.poverty%20by%20fam%20structure Children Living with Mother Only-bwh graph

United States of Denial.

Day in and day out government experts and “charity” groups who “own” the poverty discussion ignore the single most obvious fact about child poverty: Single female households. All the cupcakes, balloons, fun-walks and promotional T-shirts in the universe cannot make a dent in child poverty. But again, belief in the supernatural dimension, and the belief in the power of “magic words” to create reality, keeps Americans from ever mentioning the obvious. Single parent households are the #1 indicator of low income, low education, low ability to support and raise children.

Shhhhh. Don’t say that; we might hurt the feelings of single mothers.

This dire situation is not an accident. Social Policy is geared toward stocking the bottom of the pyramid with women and children who will remain a permanent class of uneducated and powerless poor, and guarantee a class of male “criminals” who are effectively barred from participation in “normal” society. The “helping, caring, fixing” industry relies on the poor as conduit of wealth that pumps ever more profit to the “businesses” who control the upper reaches of the social pyramid.

Think about it:

Where does all that government money go? Not to the people who supposedly “milk” taxpayer money through welfare – if so, poverty would have ended long ago. Money is  are channeled through the poor and powerless to a “welfare industry” that receives billions of dollars in bureaucratic wages, private corporate profit – a massive giveaway of grants, studies, contracts and agency funding, Medicaid payments, rental subsidies (no poor slumlords, that’s for sure) super-high prices at poor-quality stores and a host of parasitic “advocacy” services. This array of wealth-seekers doesn’t even scratch the surface – more profits are skimmed by the “justice” system, lawyers, prisons corporations, rehab clinics – the War on Drugs. It’s a bonanza and it stinks.



The truth is: Government is not a substitute for Fathers.


2 thoughts on “Mothers and Children in America / The Grim Reality

  1. Then you have people like the Waldons (Walmarts) who are subsidised by the state yet pay their own people less than a liveable minimum salary. They, and others like them, are also part of the whole regime.


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