Human Perception / Aesthetics as Equilibrium “The Optimum State”

Humans have more than five senses, according to how “sense” is defined. As usual, there is a range of opinion about the subject, so the reader is welcome to plow through the debate elsewhere. But, however many there may be, the brain must coordinate sensory information as perception.

I think that there is an aspect of perception that sets some of us on a special path through reality: the aesthetic conclusion or judgment. For social humans this perception is attached to other people and is experienced as emotion, as connections to family and friends, but emotions are short-lived and fickle. The euphoria lasts but a few seconds and people are stuck trying to regain those feelings of “aesthetically pleasing emotions” by obsessively manipulating their own feelings and the feelings of others. For all but a few relationships, it’s an exercise that is doomed.

If emotions are the aesthetics of life, life will be perpetually dependent on momentary satisfaction, followed by a letdown (change in body chemistry) and the subsequent struggle to regain the external certification of self-worth that comes after social acceptance. Emotions are temporary reactions to the environment, but this doesn’t stop modern social humans from elevating “feeling” to an experience that dominates everyday life. This dependence restricts aesthetic satisfaction to a fleeting experience that lacks continuity; and when emotional connections aren’t there? The artificial “high” supplied by drugs and other addictive behaviors is pursued.

Other animals experience their environments via a wide variety of senses, many of which are entirely alien to humans, and even with technical help, we cannot “see” or “hear” the electro-magnetic spectrum as many animals experience it. Aesthetics may or may not be expressed or experienced in a fish or a bear; we tend to assume that “lower” animals are robotic and lack deep connection to the environment.

Aesthetics may exist as a reference point around which an animal’s behavior is contained; interaction between the bear or bird and its physical environment achieves equilibrium, and allows for rest, recuperation and play.

I think that “aesthetics” has a similar source in humans; awareness of what constitutes equilibrium can be formed or “intuited” – a state of calm, receptivity, a “joining with” nature and one’s surroundings; a letting go of the attempt toimpose behavior on oneself and other human beings. It is commonly believed by social humans that a specific cluster of behavior defines “being human” and can be applied to every human on the planet. Imposing our own warped and egomaniacal conditions on other humans is disastrous, and yet we persist with all our might in remaking the world. What we have managed to do is to create environments that are disordered, unhealthy and out of balance: social environments lack “aesthetics” as the fundamental guide to optimum functioning – nature’s primary aesthetic.


I would have to say that exposure (confinement) in a chaotic or unbalanced environment is the trigger for many of (my) Asperger symptoms. When I was a child, my reactions were unconscious, immediate and inexplicable to other humans. I was told over and over that I ought to love “people” events: crowds of pushing, shoving, loud, incoherent, aggressive beings – with no escape. I was supposed to say things I didn’t mean, to suppress my awful discomfort, to pretend that unlike the bear or tiger, I had no internal sense of my proper boundaries. Only after a lifetime of living with “invasive and alien” social requirements have I come to understand that an intuitive “aesthetic” that is inherent in animal sensation may underlie the conflict.



2 thoughts on “Human Perception / Aesthetics as Equilibrium “The Optimum State”

  1. wonderfully written!

    I advicate getting rid of the un-natural chess board that has broken the family of man/woaman kind into thousands of factions of religions, politics, sports and race.
    If there is a Race— Let this be the last finish line!
    Lets stop playing the synthetic games and converge as natural family and share true love as mankind. Flow with the Now rather than allow the tyranny of a clock dictate our worship of life.
    The love birds have no schedual or meeting times. Nature drives the natural- and the artifical drives the un-natural. It is an emotion that tells us to have sympathy and keep love all day and night— not a schedualed meeting headed by a designated clergyman with his rule books of “who can or can not” be loved. We have got way to caught up in pushing buttons and pulling levers for our masters and lost contact with our natural perfection. And by design.

    I see the big picture including light and darkness as one natural flow—A synthisis of the highest order— but compaired to our social order this will be seen as chaos.
    Because it eliminates the games and disolves all imaginary borders.
    Our value to one another can not be measured. It is measurments that have divided us.
    I know that the truth we seek is hidden in nature, inside us beneath the false center society has created in the form of title, class,charactor roles and heirarchy. Being a nobody frees up a hell of allot of consciousnes and love!
    Let us find what we seek together in peace and love with some fun and laughter.
    Can we re-wild back with Mother Nature? She will take care of the un-natural as she see’s fit. How much more the ones who embrace her?


    • Humans have to do “something” while we’re here: one would hope that the choice is an array of decent behavior that produces “More joy, Less suffering” but that’s not the case.


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