Believe in demons? / You’re Normal.

Finally, a social pyramid for the mentally disordered.

2012 Public Policy Polling Survey: 63 percent of young Americans ages 18-29 believe that invisible, non-corporeal entities called “demons” can take partial or total control of human beings. The poll showed that this belief isn’t declining among Americans; it’s growing.


The comment (below) was posted to a recent article in the New York Times that discusses whether or not it’s proper to diagnose an ‘out-of-control’ boy as a psychopath. With this type of radical judgement looming over children, especially those who displease and annoy adults, can there any doubt that some children may become  phobic, antisocial, anxious and frightened?

VERBATIM COMMENT: “I would suggest that this child is possessed by a demon. And I don’t state this out of ignorance, as I am professor in a western University. The signs and symptoms are all there. There have been many cases like this that have been documented. Of course to the western rational mild this is pure poppycock. But this child’s condition will not be alleviated until the true causes are recognized and dealt with. This is a spiritual problem that needs spiritual intervention from an experienced priest, Catholic or Orthodox, traditions which recognize this condition and have a 2000 year history dealing with it. The answers will not be found in science as his condition will worsen and never go away. Such arrogance in the scientific community and the scientific mindset will keep this poor soul tormented.

In case you think this is the view of one ignorant and scary person, this comment was given 57 thumbs up by readers.

untitleddemon imagesdemm imagesdemo
Anyone recognize yourself? That’s me in the middle!



One thought on “Believe in demons? / You’re Normal.

  1. Mormonism teaches possession and driving out the “devil” of the possessed person. Claiming possession has traditionally been a great way to oppress certain groups and punishment for being deemed possessed has been everything from prayer rituals to severe torture.
    If demons exist, then so do dragons, elves and zombies. Maybe I should establish a religion.


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