The MAN CAVE / Still Popular after 40,000 years

imagesRRROIZPSThe “man cave” has become a popular joke:


“You can be a man, but do it in the garage or basement.”

In most of the American West, the entire region has always been a Man Cave, not only for invaders, but for the Warrior society natives.


Sadly, manly expression for some domestic males is confined to household “fixit” projects, like maintenance of the house, appliances and plumbing. Hence “Homo habilis” the Handy Man (thought to be extinct).


The garage however, can be a secret passage leading to the hunt for trophies of the Anthropocene: Note the common association of vehicles with “Paleolithic Goddess” imagery.

1969_Dodge_Charger-e1412093280137 1971_cuda_hemi_vert_final 132690_Rear_3-4_Web muscle-car-pictures


Of course, the man cave never really “went away.” Extravagant animal trophy rooms, and indeed, entire houses and museums, are still being built to house dead animals procured in both legal and illegal hunts.



Man watching Baseball on television

Man Cave with Modern Hearth

40c31440-742d-4898-a541-495e26513449Tastefull H Trophy Photo

Can men be “neutered” and remain men? That’s a rhetorical question.


When do men smile? After they’ve killed something.





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