Online “degrees” in Psychology / No Science (or much else) required

Why you should ALWAYS ask a prospective “helping, fixing, caring” industry service person about their education. The “diploma” on the wall (including a PhD) may simply be religious proselytizing hiding behind a “psychology practice” front. How legitimate is a “Human Behavior” degree that is “granted by” people who reject science, and especially, evolution?
I’m not “picking on” this education corporation – they are but one example of the shady world of online degree offerings that Too often “rip off” students who end up with incredible debt and without a credible degree.

Regent University (Online Degrees)

“Christian Leadership to Change the World”

Psychology & Counseling

Use your Christian worldview to promote human welfare with a focus on service to both the church and community. Through our psychology programs, students learn to identify the philosophical issues within this discipline so they can interpret scientific research from a Christian perspective. Expand your opportunities for service to others through a career in psychology and counseling.

Regent offers programs both on campus in Virginia Beach and in an online format for flexibility and convenience. Choose from the programs below to learn more.

Associate in Arts in · Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Human Services and       General Psychology – Doctoral Preparation and Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling and School Counseling and Pastoral Counseling and General Psychology

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology

Doctor in Philosophy in Counseling & Psychological Studies and Counselor Education & Supervision

Let’s look at these “degree” offerings:

The Associate of Arts in Psychology is an online or on-campus degree that will open the door to an understanding of the human mind and help position you for a meaningful career. You will acquire knowledge, delivered from a Christian perspective, of key concepts and theories of psychology, as well as an understanding of principles that apply to personal, social and organizational issues, spanning across nations and cultures. You will also learn from top-notch, active professional clinicians, researchers and educators who are ready to mentor you.

·        Develop listening skills and learn how to ask engaging questions in the counseling setting.

·        Discover how behavior and mental processes affect personal and spiritual development.

·        Understand how to conduct research and use data to support various theories in psychology and counseling. Does this “Assoc. of Arts” program qualify someone to be a researcher? If so, this may explain why so much “psych research” is nonsense. 

Career Opportunities:

·        Psychiatric Nursing Assistant or Orderly

·        Youth Counselor

·        Case Technician

·        Human Service Assistant

·        Home Care Aide

·        Addiction Rehabilitation Assistant

And how about a Master’s?

The Master of Arts in School Counseling is an online or on-campus degree that will prepare you for a successful career in school counseling. You will be equipped through our VDOE-approved and CACREP-accredited program to make a difference in the lives of students. Leave your mark on future world changers through the integration of effective techniques and a biblical foundation. So much for separation of “church and state” in public schools!

·        Learn the skills needed to meet the Virginia requirements for a career in professional counseling within the K-12 public school system.

·        Study the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and learn to advocate for the good of students, personally, educationally and socially.

·        Benefit from a supervised clinical experience in community agency and school settings. Legitimate “residency” requirement?

·        Be poised for the pursuit of doctoral degrees including the Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision. We’ll make sure you get a “diploma” for a whopping big price $$$$$, but don’t expect “real” universities to accept an MA from us as legitimate when applying for one of their doctoral programs)

Career Opportunities:

·        K-12 School Counselor This “job” comes with a lot of power over your child’s education and future. This person can “judge” your child’s behavior to be abnormal, pathological or even criminal and “refer” him or her to “treatment” programs or authorities. Is this being done by a “professional” or by a religious advocate?  

CACREP accredited in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia and most other states; be sure to check your state’s requirements. Just find a state with ‘low standards’ in which to apply for jobs

Before you begin your journey to licensure with us, please click here to confirm if the program you are interested in complies with your state’s licensure requirements or complies with the requirements of the state in which you intend to work. How many students fail to do this, until after they’ve spent thousands of dollars in tuition and fees, only to discover that they don’t qualify for a “license”?

And what about that PhD?

The Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education & Supervision is an online degree, with residency requirements, that will set you apart in the field of counseling for expert professional and scholarly work. This program, which uniquely integrates science and faith, is designed for currently licensed counselors, who will complete an internship and dissertation, as their knowledge base of the counseling profession grows in an environment of exceptional learning. You will evidence new ideas through ground-breaking research and the opportunity to present an original dissertation.

·        Understand the individual in their process of growth, development and passage through life stages.

·        Pursue your greatest passion and break new ground in the field of counseling through the planning and presentation of your dissertation.

·        Enjoy faculty mentoring and hands-on training in areas such as principles and practices of counseling; group work; ethical and legal considerations; and the role of multicultural competencies, in counselor education.

WOW! Oversell? You bet, plus “weasel exemptions” as to what a student actually “gets” from the program – Actually, it doesn’t matter! A pay raise from the school district is the goal for obtaining a PhD diploma. 

Career Opportunities:

·        Licensed Professional Counselor

·        University Faculty/Leadership

·        Clinical Practitioner

·        Director of Mental Health Services Agency/Nonprofit

·        Leadership in School Counseling and Supervision

·        Administrator in Mental Health Agencies/Schools

·        Researcher/Writer

CACREP accredited in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia and most other states; be sure to check your state’s requirements.



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