Viking Obsession / Symptom of Neoteny Re-post

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Could it be that modern domestic males are a bit too
“tame” for many modern women?

Actually, it began with Wagner's Operas based on Norse Mythology

Actually, it began with Wagner’s operas based on Norse Mythology

Oh no! Neurotypical Nuttiness (magical thinking) has a recurrent theme – neoteny

From the INDEPENDENT, UK It’s been more than 1,200 years since the Scandinavian long ships first invaded Western Europe – but France remains scared of Vikings. A study of the DNA of a handful of rural Normans by a British academic team searching for Viking “roots” has been condemned by anti-racist campaigners and some French academics. They fear that any attempt to identify long-distant Viking ancestry in Normandy could awaken racial antagonism and disturb the legally enforced notion that France is indivisible and that all French people are uniformly French.


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Let’s face it – Brunhilde, like Athena, is one of the few “badass” female role models of all time! Add a posse of “Shield Maidens” and what woman with a powerhouse voice can resist throwing on shiny armor, grabbing a spear and belting out gorgeous music? Note the winged, not horned, helmets. A nice feminine touch!


Deborah Voight - The Met's 2010-11 production. and what a treat it was!

Deborah Voight – Brunhilde in the Met’s 2010-11 production. and what a treat it was!


Unfortunately, the current resurgence in Viking mania is another neurotypical obsession with novelty – a symptom of neoteny. Who can resist a totally inauthentic costume, as long as it’s (in the mind of the wearer) SEXY? Vikings did not wear horned helmets; they wore typical Medieval “war-wear” – a lot of it was scavenged from their victims. When did this confusion of “horned” helmets displace Wagner’s fantasy of winged helmets? DUNNO!

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Sex, of course, is what this nonsense is about – no helmets need be worn! Blue eyes are a bonus! (I am of the opinion that Wagner’s music is all about sex.)



A bare-chested Viking, a boat, a bonfire and mead for two… What more could a girl want for Valentine’s Day?

Suggested website: For a look at Celtic Europe, which doesn’t get as much attention as Scandinavia…





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