Archaic H. sapiens – H. sapiens sapiens / Testosterone

A composite image shows the facial differences between an ancient modern human (Archaic Homo Sapiens) with heavy brows and a large upper face and the more recent modern human (Homo sapiens) who has rounder features and a much less prominent brow. The prominence of these features can be directly traced to the influence (reduction) of the hormone testosterone. Photo Credit: Robert Cieri, University of Utah

2238323698Archaic vs Modern

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“It is important to note that lower testosterone is associated with tolerance and cooperation in bonobos and chimpanzees, and with less aggression in humans. It seems very plausible that as humans started to group up in larger and more interconnected settlements,

they needed to find less violent ways to sort out their problems – and in the long run, the non-violent path won.”







2 thoughts on “Archaic H. sapiens – H. sapiens sapiens / Testosterone

  1. I am reminded of Clauswitz’ statement on war and diplomacy being roughly coincidental (as in they have the same goals – achieve domination of others and become ‘bloated spiders’ who only permit the dominated to ***do what we will them to***.)

    No, the violence and predation is still ***very much*** there. Some wretch decided to let the ‘thin veneer(of civilization)’ slip for a time, and his ‘true and inward nature showed forth in a relatively unchecked fashion.

    Were it truly unchecked – in the absence of a Hobbesian *leviathan* – the woman pictured would not only not be able to be photographed (due to her demise) – she would also have been ***eaten***.

    The ultimate form of domination is to be consumed as a ***meal*** by one’s ***master***. (Hence terms like ‘social cannibalism’)


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