Female Clowns / Thankfully, I’m Asperger

Why does Mommy look so scary?


The female side of clowning is called “fashion”.

images6QJ2HY7M imagesHFD783KG imagesLMREXE7H tammy_faye_bakker 2E0D4E3B00000578-3300614-image-a-60_1446547264936 images67F7N3QP 003-5

b8fd1f2994d58d783cb02f5a42090a91 bad-eyebrows-zombie joanpost1 71e2715e-0a94-475e-ad01-ebc71fac9eeafgtyh 1_-Wearing-Too-Much-Makeup 65006-smallv2-167542



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