Knowledge is where you find it / Social Control of “Truth”

Last night I tuned in to C-Span; the channel that carries interviews with authors and “governmental events” – it was still too hot to sleep. The author was Mike Lee, Junior Senator from Utah, a Mormon and “champion” of less control by the Federal government over state, local and private American life. The interviewer was also a “super-geek” – Neal Katyal, a former top lawyer in the Obama administration.

Sometimes, being corralled in front of the TV, by the heat and the wasteland that is the summer landscape on cable, one does discover common cause with those whom one has little affinity. First – these men are two extremely intelligent people, adept at civilized discourse about fault line issues, conversations which lead most Americans to outright screaming matches. Perhaps this “miracle” of communication was due to the exchange being based on specific people and instances in American history and not on  hysteria over entrenched and ignorant beliefs about our country, its history and its  foundation citizens and legal documents.

Mike Lee’s book is: An anthology of historic characters, known, little known and forgotten, who “objected to” a “federal” concentration of power and feared a drift into a Monarchy if protections were not established. This “battle” over the distribution of power between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists is a common and central subject for “debate” (to put it mildly) throughout our history, and a “hot topic” today, fanned by infantile divisions between culture-groups, economic classes, conservative / liberal insanity and “the media” who consider themselves to be, a 4th branch of government, equal to (or superior in power to) the President, Congress, and the Judicial branches.

On Mike Lee’s website: Elected in 2010 as Utah’s 16th Senator, Mike Lee has spent his career defending the basic liberties of Americans and Utahns as a tireless advocate for our founding constitutional principles. Google his website for the rest –

On SALON’S website, an article about Mike Lee’s book: The headline is, “Mike Lee’s bad history: Utah senator’s book is an ignorant hodgepodge concocted to justify the modern GOP Sen. Mike Lee’s terrible book tries to reboot some of America’s founding fathers as modern-day Republicans”

From (CNN) President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court will be introduced on Monday by an unlikely suspect: a former top lawyer in the Obama administration who is currently spearheading an attack on Trump’s revised travel ban. Neal Katyal served from 2010-2011 as acting solicitor general for President Barack Obama and he believes liberals should back Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

Well, of course, this is the hyper-social environment in the U.S. today. An all-out fight for “ownership” of power and legitimacy is in full bloom – it’s a typical, neurotypical tradition to stage “coups” and to replace “the enemy’s” belief system with one’s own; to play “King of the Hill”  – to co-opt the top of the socio-economic pyramid, where one’s clique can happily and victoriously abuse the “loosers” and squander  unconscionable  sums of public funds in schemes of political retribution, social engineering, and world domination. It’s a neurotypical pattern of disastrous outcome “governance” that has never really advanced beyond the gigantic-ego monstrosity of “Top Male” dominance: the Social Hierarchy, which serves the few and exploits “the rest of” humanity. 

Is a hierarchy the inevitable choice for governing neotenic social  humans? Yes.

But it doesn’t have to be violent, brutal and so steep that the top 1% of the population enjoys life to the max and beyond, and the bottom 99% are a disposable mass of humanity that is “robbed of” natural equality. The U.S. Constitution “took on” this (perhaps hopeless) challenge of “flattening” the social pyramid. The current “radically steep” pyramid is not a final result; the battle continues for a less awful distribution of wealth and power that provides a decent lifestyle for as many citizens as possible. 

This is why I am enthusiastically thankful to be Asperger.

I have no social or political agenda to imprison my thinking: my interest is in how to make things better for individual humans. This starts with “How things are” and not with, “How can I force my narcissistic overreach on everyone else?” It also means that I can listen to (almost) any person without immediately rejecting the totality of their existence – experience, ideas, musings, prejudice, behavior, whatever, as “illegitimate” I can “appreciate” a person’s method of thinking, or their creativity, or their passion without agreeing to their conclusions. I can very strongly and doggedly criticize a person, institution, or intellectual system, without the hatred inherent in social conflict. This is the “Asperger Way” and it is healthy.

I almost forgot to relate what I gained last night from a civilized discussion between two hyper-legal types about a hot subject, in which “political insanity” was set aside in favor of intellectual analysis, and without neglecting personal experience and origins of cultural influence.

It was the  phrase,

“assume into existence”

used by Mike Lee to epitomize how “the winners” in any system justify their tyranny over “the loosers” –  a simple phrase with relevance to my pursuit of exposing institutional abuse of the “neurodiverse” population, and of many other groups, especially girls and women; a for-profit industry composed of the “professionals” found in the social sciences, psychology, psychiatry, Big Pharma, and related businesses and corporations. A massive industrial complex equal to the military industrial complex in power, and which profits from creating and perpetuating human misery; an industry that has become the instrument of “federal control” over the rightful domain of self-actualization in a “free” society.

The winning system legitimizes the imposition of it’s “word-concept” reality by the simple default (and magical) explanation that “winning” confers “truth” (even scientific proof) on the winner’s narrative of reality; that is, the entire content of the winning belief system is granted “legitimacy and cosmic sanction” by virtue of being the “winning” narrative. Thus, every idiotic, unfair, unjust, unrelated, and harmful idea, policy and selfish agenda is swept into the winning side’s monopoly on “truth, justice and the American Way” By attacking and suppressing the ideas and values of “the losers” – simply on the basis that they lost, “assumes into existence” the “truth” of any version of social reality that the winner puts forth. 

Authority claims power, not by intelligence, compassion, fair standards and ethical behavior, nor by humane laws and policies, but by the “assumption into existence” of the “absolute truth” of its version of reality, against all competitors.  In the U.S., the magic symbol of “proof of truth” is money: the acquisition of wealth is, as the Puritans insisted, a sign that God has chosen the rich to rule the planet and to “correct and improve” all its “defective subhuman” inhabitants. Eugenics is an American idea.

The very definition of “what it means to be human” has been “stolen” by the  American behavior industry; removed from traditional individual, family, and community consensus, on the “assumption” that the power of profit validates the industry’s “Puritanical pseudoscience” narrative of “normal” human behavior and justifies its racist, sexist and human-hating prescription for social control.




One thought on “Knowledge is where you find it / Social Control of “Truth”

  1. “General order number nine: those in authority define truth.”

    In Orwell’s terms: 2 + 2 = 5 – because someone who hs a higher social standing has ***said*** this is ‘true’; and in ‘quacking’ (cf. Duck-speak) this lie, one draws closer to that same superior, ultimately ***merging*** with said individual in the manner of a narcissistic extension.

    This increases that individual’s rank further; and by attaching itself to a greater being, the *merged* subaltern partakes of its’ patron’s ‘glory’. (In short, syncophancy is a technique for increasing your standing by becoming a vassal of a greater power. I think Greene speaks of this, actually)

    I suspect that what is called ‘narcissism’ is an integral part of Normdom’s social ‘thinking’; and its’ heightened presence is largely a symptom of increased social rank, either real rank or that fostered by successful self-deception.

    Since Normdom does ‘magick’ (focussing upon appearances, much like successful magicians, using fetishes as leverage points in the spirit/social realm), self-deification through self-deception actually works – provided one pursues increased standing with single-minded devotion and an absence of morals/conscience -> becomes dark triad/tetrad (narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and (tetrad) sadism)


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