Asperger Relationships / More Bizarre Ideas

I have avoided commenting on relationships that involve Asperger individuals paired with Neurotypical persons, because the assertions made by psychologists, counselors, “experts” and other busybodies are utterly bizarre. I get tired of pointing out the lack of empathy these people demonstrate, their irrational approach to human behavior, and the prejudice against neurodiverse human beings that exists in the “caring, helping. fixing” industry, but it’s unavoidable. After reviewing hundreds of studies and articles that express the musings of high-ranking researchers and academics, the intellectual deceit continues to be mind-boggling.

It’s not that Asperger individuals don’t have relationship difficulties, BUT WHO DOESN’T?

It is held forth by psychologists, as a de facto state of human existence, that all neurotypical – neurotypical relationships are delightful and caring, mutually kind and satisfying, textbook perfect “normal” relationships, carried on by normal people, who are loving, affectionate, expressive, understanding, that along with shared work and gender equality result in great parenting – and that this “psychologically-approved” bliss lasts a lifetime. This is a blatant fantasy, and the fact that psychologists set this absurd Disneyland Princess / Prince standard by which to contrast Asperger relationships demonstrates the non-scientific basis of prescriptive psychology.

Who are these “normal” people that psychologists insist exist: could they be white upper class Americans, who populate academia, the professions, and business: that is, the class that psychologists (believe) is their class? Even that is a fantasy.


In the United States, half of all marriages end in divorce; sometimes violently, and with terrible consequences for children. Well over half of all children born have no father in the household and are doomed to  poverty – with their day-to-day support supplied by government agencies, and we all know how that has worked out.

Asperger individuals are presented as subhuman: incapable of healthy interaction, period. Boring, asexual, cruel and hopeless dorks. No emotion, no empathy, no deep feelings at all for people. Of course, it is assumed that no neurotypical person possesses these or worse characteristics as a spouse or parent.  Domestic violence does not exist among neurotypicals; nor infidelity, financial recklessness, abandonment, drug addiction and alcoholism – any one of which might be a relationship killer.





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