Warning: Psychological Gobbledygook


Have you ever met someone who could actually do this? Hint: it’s telepathy or “mind reading.” Of course not – that person would have to have supernatural power. Note that there is no requirement for the person “performing empathy” to be in the presence of the subject – it ought to “work” across galaxies and even the Universe! What psychology does say, is that using your intellect to understand people is “cheating.” Asperger individuals use our intellects, which according to psychological dogma is cheating; therefore, we are defective (we have an unfair advantage called a bull-shit detector) and are not quite human.

This is fiction, not non-fiction. Science is non-fiction, not fiction.

Yes, Deanna Troi was a Betazoid Empath, but she’s a fictional character. Perhaps today’s psychologists watched too many episodes of Star Trek Enterprise as kids!



4 thoughts on “Warning: Psychological Gobbledygook

  1. The purer and therefore more true concept of empathy is honesty, regardless of their personal traits. You can be extremely social but also can be extremely shy, if he is honest, then you’re empathetic.

    The definition and characterization of emotional intelligence is a big nonsense, a sweet concept for high-functioning sociopathy or extreme shallow sympathy. Sympathy is not exactly the same as empathy. I will write a text about it soon on my blog in Portuguese.

    Your blog is great, congratulations! 🙂
    His theories relate to mine, on the hyperreality.

    I also developed the idea that the brains filter out less information and environmental stimuli, develop a greater tendency to see and understand the reality than neurotypical brains, where the filtration capacity is much higher. I call this ability to self-matrix. The brain itself of the common people, filter information, creating a sort of alternate reality, when it is shared by many other people, since brains are alike, it tends to create the idea of ​​shared reality, as when someone shares a experiences. Think of the book Demon of madness by Aldous Huxley.

    When no filter what you see around you, then this may indicate that you are seeing exactly the reality. However, not enough to have non-filter-brains, it is also important to be able to deduce patterns in front of the large amount of information that you are interacting with.


      • Also, I think the idea of ​​self-consciousness. Some scientists say that the cultural and therefore neurological evolution of humans was based at some point in ancient history of our species, where a kind of brain that made ​​possible these types of magical thinking, the schizophrenic nature.

        The human being is unique because it is anti-nature. His brain was made to fabricate reality and accept it. And do not live it.

        However, if it is a form of extremism and all extremism is bad, in my opinion.

        We avoid mutations that transform us into unconscious organic machines in favor of all the frailties of having an unbalanced mind-body system, with increasingly larger brains in increasingly weak bodies.


        • I have some trouble interpreting your English, but I think magical thinking is produced by modern humans, not ancient humans, who were visual thinkers; pragmatic, concrete, literal thinkers. Magical thinking is religious thinking and religion is a product of the modern social hierarchy. Also, disorders like schizophrenia are physical. I have read neuroscience papers that see it as a problem with how the brain coordinates the experience of time. Also that bipolar disorder is a problem caused by our circadian rhythm being out of sync. I believe we will find that most psychiatric disorders are based in specific physical problems. I will post about this subject: I’m so far behind in finishing posts!

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