A Humane View of Autism by a Dog Trainer


I came across this site while looking for information on “trance” states in autism and Asperger’s. The site is about a method to treat behavior syndromes in dogs – the writer is a bit mysterious (incognito?) but I’m collecting ideas from “outside” the “autism industry” about behavior and their analysis is so spot on. 

I’m switching gears to “folk knowledge” – always an arena fraught with myth – fantasy, supernatural belief, hearsay, awkward repetition of “strange stories” etc, but the domain where one finds the human brain-mind-culture feedback to be ever-active: it’s a great arena in which to “see” the human mind being created as the brain interacts with the environment. It also often presents a “humane” view of human behavior – an antidote to the cruelty of social order systems.

(Comments) in italic and parentheses

Dog Autism

(Can we not substitute “child” for “animal” in the following statement; and parent, caregiver, teacher, and therapist for “owner”?)

It is one of the saddest things I personally find to have to deal with to meet an animal that has entirely shut down within itself and is no longer able to make attention energy exchange based relationships with others. Autism is a rainbow scale of a naturally existing neurological function, not an on and off switch – and autistic behaviours in animals are often, and once again, very sadly mistaken for “being stubborn” or “wilful” or “disobedient”.

As autistic animals cannot provide the owners with “attention energy” in turn (as they are trapped within themselves), the owners may actually go through the same attention seeking escalations that can end up with attacking the creature just so it will take notice, respond at last and acknowledge their existence. (This is incredibly important for understanding the CRUELTY aimed at children in Western Cultures, especially minority children, and disobedient, different or vulnerable children.)

Trance Behaviours & Repetitive Behaviours

A safety mechanism of any social creature’s neurological set up is to induce autistic-like deep trance states to protect themselves from the systemic catastrophe.

·        Repetitive rocking in small human and monkey babies who are left to themselves,

·        head weaving in elephants and horses,

·        flank sucking in Dobermans,

·        shadow chasing and tail chasing in collies,

·        crib chewing in horses,

·        pacing endlessly in a ritualistic way in caged cats

… are just amongst the many, many examples of this. In pet dogs, spaniels and crosses thereof are highly pre-disposed to enter these trance states in moments of stress and there are many variations on the theme.

Self mutilation and ritualised howling/vocal expressions also lead to the security of a deep trance state where the individual may rest inside when external environmental conditions have become unbearable these external conditions being systemically, a short fall of energy of the correct kind to re-balance the stressed and hungry system.

It is my supposition that the individual creature’s choice of which route into trance they will take is a mixture of genetic pre-disposition and chance; I have seen many animals who have developed a chance behaviour into these rituals and the behaviours themselves, which may be quite bizarre to an unsuspecting onlooker, are, indeed, secondary to the trance state they are designed to induce.

The Harmony Programme In Brief

Let us back up here and go through the main points of the energetic circumstances and causes and effect of “attention seeking behaviour disorders” in mammals (and this includes people too) step by step. (Note how attention –seeking disorders have become pandemic; a true social problem – behavior “revealed by” the mass availability of “smart” technology, the existence of which has expanded exponentially, and with it, “attention-seeking infection” just as if it were a contagious disease. “Viral” is the correct word to describe this mass infection)

1. There is a form of energy that is exchanged between social creatures that is derived from the attention of another. This attention is focussed, direct and involves eye contact, no matter how fleetingly this takes place. (See my post on humans and open thermodynamic systems)

2. This energy form is as important to a social creature as is sleep, or food. In experiments, human babies died when attention was withheld (although the babies were fed and their physical care taking proceeded as normal). (Note how the “take over” of parenting by government programs, agencies, and policy institutions is strictly about “feeding” poverty stricken children in the U.S. and around the world. Distribution of minimally nutritious food is a gesture only – real nutrition is absent. No attention is paid to the impoverished environments the children live within; to true education, to “proper” care by parents and community. It’s the traditional Christian forced “charity” attitude: Feed and water a human being as if it’s a house plant. If it doesn’t grow and thrive, it’s time to resort to the social order / survival of the fittest “theory” behind racism and discrimination. “Unfit” humans are literally a “throw away” commodity.) Adults develop severe behaviour disturbances including rage, deep trance type repetitive behaviours, antisocial behaviours and autism under similar conditions.

3. Western humans have been trained from birth to withhold attention, especially when it is being “demanded” – possibly a learned response and set up that occurred in their own energy systems when their energetic attention needs were repeatedly and systematically refuted when they themselves were young. (Bad Old Testament “Biblical” style parenting descends through generations – a (male) human-hating theory of child development is entrenched in culture; one that prohibits nurturing of babies in the proper and natural way. See my post on how hunter-gatherers raise their children – with kindness and tolerance)

4. Companion animals (children) vary widely in how great their tolerance is to living with “not enough attention energy” being supplied. (Junk food, toys, TV and video games – cartoons and violent films, etc. are not a substitute for parental attention and engagement)

It seems to be also specific to an individual if their first choice response to a shortfall of this form energy is withdrawal towards autism or escalating fiercely in their “attention seeking behaviours” before systemic collapse and those, too, falling into autism. (A bit convoluted. I think what is said is this: Individual children are predisposed to react in different ways to “attention-deprivation” – either “withdrawal” or “battle until exhaustion and collapse”)

5. Attention Energy is Attention Energy – in general, creatures do not seem to care one way or the other if the attention energy they receive is of the loving or of the non-loving kind. Indeed, with the set up amongst the Western Human caretakers, creatures find it far easier to obtain negative attention through disturbing / annoying / ”naughty” behaviours than to obtain positive attention. Indeed, a great many caretakers “train” their animals into ever more outrageous behaviours by firstly, failing to give attention of the positive kind and secondly, trying to ignore developing behaviour escalations in the beginning stages when they are still fairly mild.

(SO IMPORTANT! This pernicious American “strategy” comes directly from psychological theory and has “taken over” control of child-rearing, education, employment, personal relationships, and all aspects of social behavior. It’s the same old vicious reward-punishment “black box” hatred of human beings that condones social status conflict as “healthy, normal behavior” – A LIE.  

6. Giving focussed attention in the beginning stages of any escalation pattern does not only stop the escalation pattern dead right there but over the long term, actually cures the individual and re-sets their energetic exchanges with everyone and not just with the owner to a natural and sociable status.

7. With the energy system balanced that needs this social love energy, a creature truly blossoms, becomes more self assured, self balanced and gains access to sleeping resources of problem solving, interaction, communication, thought and experience that were previously out of reach. (Asperger “withdrawal” at least preserves and enhances this “potential” – but, with NO “Positive” INTERACTION available with other humans, the fruits of these endeavors too often whither and die.)

With this part of the energy system balanced, an individual will be radically better placed to face any kind of stress challenge including showing a greater tolerance to environmental poisons, toxic energy systems and all immune system stressors. (No attempt at balance is made –“Asperger’s are systematically “excluded from humanity” and participation in society; instead of “help” from the autism industry, Aspergers are “pathologized” – their special (even gifted) talents are demonized as symptoms of “disorder”. Bullying is encouraged, prejudice reinforced, and lies are told.)

 Love, Not War – Turning The Dog (CHILD) Training World Upside Down

Back in 1993, I formulated the “appalling” idea, based on my theoretical musings and practical observations, that instead of playing power games with a companion animal, one should try and give positive attention right away, as soon as the animal would indicate a need by a small behaviour such as coming up, looking at the owner, or trying to make contact in any other shape or form. (Forbidden in modern psychology: the infant-child must “perform” on schedule, and in the “approved way” or it is discarded as defective.)

This contradicted everything I had ever been taught or learned to do; for example, it was common practise to let small puppies howl and cry all night until “they had learned that no-one would come”and “thus never to reward this appalling attention seeking behaviour”. (Isn’t this the basis for TRUST on which all social interaction depends? Trust has been obliterated in American society and hatred has erupted) 

So it must be said that it was not without trepidation that I began to experiment in earnest and put my theory to the test.

And here’s what happened in actuality. (See website for more)

 Or better yet, send them to a “therapist” who will “carpet bomb” their brains with psychoactive  drugs. That’s experimentation on human subjects without legal or ethical constraint. That’s a “living” HELL.


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