Visual thinking / Verbal Onslaught

I began looking for videos that might shine a light on what it’s like to have a brain dominated by images.

I found: Many videos on how to doodle, mostly for business presentations.

I found: Many videos on how to learn to draw.

I found: Videos on how to use visual “strategies” (actually techniques) to remember grocery lists.

And so…

I switched to videos about art and artists.

I found: Actual artists attempting to explain the work of other artists verbally.

I found: Actual artists attempting to explain their own work verbally.

I found: Experts verbally reviewing art and artists.


I settled on the following video because it illustrates the problem. The presenter is speaking in French, which means that if you are not a French speaker the “words” are mostly meaningless and become an incredible onslaught of noise; in fact I find it hard to believe that anyone can speak with such unrelenting force and without pause or pacing – and seemingly without needing to breathe. But this is what people do constantly. It’s less noticeable when listening to a language that one understands, because if it’s “your language” your attention is on the meaning.

And where is the visual meaning or content? Suffocated by words! How can people expect to visually engage with the environment when they never shut up? How can verbal thinkers understand anything, when they simply won’t shut up?

If you wanted to understand basketball, wouldn’t you try playing basketball?


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