Best Neanderthal Reconstruction? Blake Ketchum, PhD

Forbes Quarry specimen, Gibraltar: Discovered 1848. I added some rough hair. I know this is supposed to be a female Neanderthal, but it’s a reach to imagine what she would look like. I think with hair, this person looks remarkably like “us”.

Extinction by Dr. Blake Ketchum. Cast Stone. 30cm tall. Actually, “Extinction” seems an inappropriate title – this Neanderthal looks very “familiar” – a fellow human being.

This portrait is a faithful forensic reconstruction of a Neanderthal individual. A model of the Forbes Quarry cranium was used as the foundation for the sculpture. You can see a progressive development of the sculpture here. I used the Manchester Method of forensic reconstruction, which relies more upon anatomical geometry than tissue depth, which is not available for Neanderthals, of course. This sculpture has been shown widely at competition in international online exhibits and in galleries in NYC and throughout the North Eastern US. A cast is a part of the permanent collection of the Earth and Mineral Science Museum of Penn State University.




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