Green Cards Through Employment / How does the system work?

If you have read a few of my posts, you know there’s a pattern: a topic related to “how human beings are manipulated by systems” comes to my attention and curiosity kicks in: How does this particular aspect of human activity work and how is it related to the big picture – (the social hierarchy)?  And then there is the incredible amount of misinformation, wacky opinions, prejudice, anger, emotional baggage, irrational response and imaginary “non-fact” that neurotypicals manage to generate around any subject, from which shoes are “hot” this season to the issue of the death penalty. Absurdity reigns!

I’m posting this info for Americans, because we know almost nothing about how our government actually works.

To make sense of a situation, like immigration, it’s necessary to begin at the beginning of all things American: lawyers who “make law” (Congress) and lawyers who make a living untangling, navigating and manipulating the legal system for the benefit of clients. the opportunities for “corporate and institutional” influence are rife, especially in determining that “no American wants, or is qualified to do this job” – the American health industry seems to be highly involved in importing personnel from around the globe, for positions from the top to the bottom of the medical hierarchy. 

This Wall Street Journal chart is highly misleading: Rich People DO NOT make their money by earning wages!!


140,000 Green Cards can be issued per year – a small number. Are there other means of legal employment options for non-U.S. citizens?

Confused yet? I am. Is a “work visa” the same as a Green Card? If not, how many “total” visas are available in addition to Green Cards?  Special visas for Canadians (apply at the border), for foreign corporate “transferees” and for foreign business “investors” are available. BRING CASH. Cash counts! The “system” obviously “serves” the socio-economic hierarchy.  

Comment: The “official” work “program” appears to serve and supply “top end” professions with “fresh talent” while limiting the number of people allowed to take these “prize jobs” – COMPETITION is controlled by American “elite” professions who can integrate the elite from foreign cultures into their dominant socio-economic  class. Meanwhile, U.S. Corporations can “fill their needs” for management and skilled employees, in a “global” exchange and movement of personnel.

Who else is involved?

What about unskilled, under-educated, underpaid and exploitable workers and laborers at the bottom of the pyramid? An employment “arena” that corporations, institutions, and government agencies claim is made up of jobs that Americans “just won’t do” – and besides, the U.S. doesn’t “NEED” this type of worker anymore…(then why do so many Americans depend on just such jobs?

Let’s see – How about an “open border” border de facto policy that allows labor from poor, corrupt, unstable and violent countries in the southern hemisphere (and elsewhere) to enter “illegally” to work as quasi-slaves for specific businesses such as the hospitality and service industries, which rely on the “bottom of the pyramid” for cheap and obedient labor – a policy which really has driven down wages for American workers, converting many in the middle class into “bottom of the pyramid” working poor.

Where does this leave “traditional” American minority citizens? Surprise! Unemployed, in jails and prisons, which undermines any possibility for future employment, except in “criminal industries” – and with women and children dependent on “social programs”  – and powerless.



By John Schmid of the Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee)

April 04, 2015     

In a post-recession world where many once-familiar occupations continue to automate, move offshore or disappear outright, one of the most basic questions remains:

Who’s hiring?

It turns out the vast preponderance of job openings these days consists of low-skill, hourly wage work with high turnover.

The current slate of “help wanted” ads overwhelmingly involves cashiers, waitresses and waiters, personal care aides, janitors, those who stock store shelves, and the likes of Hardee’s and Taco Bell.



And there’s is a “new” supply of corporate “slaves” –

Study report; U.S. News and World Report: Overqualified Millennials Languish in Low-Wage Jobs

New York City millennials’ underemployment woes underscore problems plaguing the country’s youngest workers.

By Andrew Soergel, Economy Reporter | April 26, 2016


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