Asperger’s Brain Type, Personality / Ask Google

Reply I wrote to a comment this a.m.: It is amazing how consistent Asperger children are in our cognitive behavior. Curiosity driven, reality-based, independent thought over conformity, no matter which culture we are born to. How the family and the “social order” receive us and treat us seems to determine how difficult life’s journey will be and how much stress and anxiety (needlessly) accompany us. And as always, gender segregation is a problem for ‘bright” girls. Having arrived at the conclusion that Asperger’s is a personality-brain type, and that the “pathology” involved is created by the social paradigm, as you say, I’m more eager than ever to search out how this situation arose, of an extreme “brain distinction” which is rare, but widespread geographically. It’s astonishing, actually.

Fresh coffee in my mug, I said to myself, Why not now?

My google searches are not sophisticated, sometimes leading in an “unsought” direction or nowhere at all, but with persistence, I come up with revealing or informative results anyway. The best surprises are results that

The best leads pop up out of “nowhere” – neglected, ignored or unpublicized) studies – research or opinions that have not been chewed up by “pop science” media or academic cliques – filtration systems.

First search: “Rare Brain Types in Humans” Hopelessly obscure, but, “fishing” for a lunker: I shouldn’t have been surprised that “rare brain” connected with disease, pathologies, and dire defects. It’s depressing! I’m interested in what’s “works well” in the human cognitive evolutionary toolbox. I get tired of plowing through “obsessions with pathologies” and pointing out the lack of perspective – or even the least interest in the question as to whether or not the “abnormal” behavior or brain processing might not be pathological at all! If you begin an investigation with the assumption that ANY difference is “defective” that’s where you’ll end up.

Revised search “Rare Personality Types in Humans” A sure bet, since the topic has “narcissistic” appeal. LOL


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