Obedience / Thug Culture in America

We hear it over and over again: Racism is “alive and well” in American culture. Child abuse is epidemic. Domestic violence needs to stop. Drugs… “We” have to “have a discussion”…blah, blah blah. But the discussion that we never have, or will ever have, is the ORIGIN of this vicious theme in our culture; the JudeoChristian legacy of Biblical hatred for “lesser beings” and in fact, hatred of all nature. A fundamental world view dominated by rage against women, children, and “living things” – the objects of “Top Male” rage.  


Prostitution of boys and girls; human trafficking, and sexual abuse are standard “religious” practice in patriarchies. These activities “glorify God” and “coincidently” empower the predators who created “god” in their own image. And it’s always about the “dollars” isn’t it? Note that “unequal value” is still the justification for unequal pay for women. This is the definition of pornography: humans treated as objects.  

Gee Whiz! Not only is a woman supposed to be a “doormat” she’s suppose to be ecstatic about it. That’s the definition of sadism… Any question as to why sex = violence in American life?

“Love” – is supposed to exist in the “social typical” blind spot that demands that we “adore and obey” those who hurt us.

Child sexual abuse: it’s a family tradition.

This is not “old preaching” – contemporary Christianity thrives on obedience to thugs and con men. 

Christian neoteny: The Jesus Cult. It’s me, me, me. There’s nothing “moral” about believing that your trivial nonsense is the object of an imaginary supernatural power’s all consuming interest – you are so important (indeed – the center of attention of the universe) that “god” must obey your every infantile command. Screw everyone else!

Rage… it’s addictive, mandatory, and poisons American “democracy”.

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