The Magic Word Syndrome / Psychology Re-Post


People come up with persuasive words and phrases to introduce concepts; words control the message as it makes its way into common usage. As a result, we now have more word-concepts than anyone actually knows what to do with. There’s a catch to human language: words are not things.  Words are tools of language that vary from culture to culture. Chien in French refers to a Dog; no one can claim that either word is correct. A person can examine a dog, photograph a dog, or do an autopsy on a dog, but never will the word Chien or Dog or any other word description be found in or on that animal. Even if you could convince everyone on earth to use the generic English label “Dog” you would not be able to find a generic dog; there are only individual dogs.

There is a glitch in the human language system: it’s as if the brain is confused by its ability to use language, as if we experience the words as a message from a dimension outside reality – a supernatural dimension. Language creates ideas (the supernatural dimension) and manipulates thought: modern humans believe that words create reality. So strong is this illusion, that people make decisions based on utterly insubstantial and incorrect social, economic, religious, nutritional, political and health concepts. This has serious and devastating real world consequences.

Water in a bottle: Bottled water; water that comes from a regular tap, inside a building, in a city. This water is the same as that which is dispensed in kitchens around the city, but once packaged in a plastic bottle and falsely labeled spring water, natural water, or pure water, with a clean-looking graphic, consumers will believe the words on the label and argue that the water comes from a pure cold spring in a virgin wilderness, uncontaminated in any way by humans.

Even when people are confronted by the absurdity of the assumptions and are shown photographs of “Holy water” being filled inside a bottling plant, people will claim that it can’t be so: bottled water “tastes better” than the water at home. This self-delusion that tap water, once it is contained in a plastic bottle with a pretty label, magically becomes health-promoting is not benign: the Earth’s oceans and vast landfills are clogged by plastic bottles and other devastating trash.

This is not a woman strangling a cat.

This is not a woman strangling a cat.

This illusion that words create reality applies to things that are not things: to nonexistent properties, such as empathy: Just what are we talking about? Empathy is a name for…..what? An imaginary aspect of human behavior that all humans must display in order to be labeled as fully human? Psychologists are already deep into the supernatural dimension with the assumption that the word Normal describes a majority of human beings, when the condition Normal is a subjectively constructed concept that they themselves have invented, and which changes from culture to culture and over time.

Like wizards and priests that practiced conceptual labeling before them, psychologists claim to “see” into the brains of individuals (using the magic power of technology) and to “see” a label that says “normal human brain” or “subhuman human brain” stamped into blood flow, electrical activity and eye movement – socially imposed “symptoms” (subjective defects) that have been elevated to scientific fact by deceptive manipulation of bad data and the promotion of the attitude that human beings are objects that can be sorted and categorized into acceptable and defective bins.

But what is normal? Normal is an idea that requires massive manipulation of information; it is an artificial construct. Where does information come from? In the case of psychology, from a very small sample of select individuals (college students) who fill out surveys that rely heavily on self-reporting. Tests (another word concept) that test psychological assumptions about human behavior, are designed to prove those assumptions. Normal parameters are in fact nonexistent; only individuals exist. In nature, there are only individuals and that is true of the human animal. Psychology regard human beings as OBJECTS that can be arranged by supernatural concepts. In other words, the foundational concepts of psychology lack empathy.

Normal behavior, as conceived by psychologists, is a clever substitute for acceptable or required behavior. Normal sounds scientific and objective, as if each infant arrives with the same package of instructions, which coincidentally match a list of (religious, supernatural) behaviors, which appear to come from an all-powerful but invisible entity that created and possesses the BLUEPRINT of the universe, and who has handed down the details of this blueprint to psychologist – priests. The idea today (pseudoscientific update from superstition) is that certain children and adults fail to live up to nature’s standard template, but the standards used by psychologists are socially constructed and are never found in nature. It’s the same old religious routine: condemnation of people who are different and ‘refuse’ to obey. Ideas about acceptable human behavior have their origin in human concepts that are attributed to an absolute and permanent supernatural template that is in fact a socially acceptable hallucination.

Humans were prey animals for most of our existence; once we dealt effectively with predators, we became predators, that is, males became hunters. Pregnant women, women responsible for children, and young children, are unlikely hunters. Females underwent sexual selection for early puberty and the retention of childlike physical and psychological traits into adulthood (if they lived to adulthood), an early step in domestication. That is, women remain prey animals.

Predators, then and now.

Sabre-toothed cats2014-01-500-awesomest-pp-pieces

Modern humans have been changed by 10,000+ years of domestication. Children born into a predator class will be raised to be predators. In American culture, money confers behavioral leeway, so a license to exploit others can be earned, even if a child begins life humbly. It’s the American Dream. People at the bottom are supposed to stay put, which is why obstacles are put in the way of people at the bottom. Predatory behavior is criminal behavior if you live at the bottom; it’s the key to success at the top of the pyramid, which is why activities at the top are left unregulated and top predators rarely pay for their profitable predation.

This then, is why Asperger individuals are so reviled; the taboo of disobedience to the social hierarchy is a very big taboo: a No-No, a travesty, an attack on authority, God, and corporate profits. In the case of Asperger individuals, this is utterly ridiculous. We aren’t even on the pyramid! We inhabit a separate Flatland of equality in which all things and all people simply exist. In order to be fulfilled, we require honesty from other people and justice for everyone.

We are unhappy because our values will never be more than empty words in the social universe. 

Ironically, courtesy of men like Thomas Jefferson, our values are supposed to inform the ‘democratic’ principles that are the foundation of our country. How abused are the notions of equality and liberty, of diversity and happiness!

One couldn’t even organize a cocktail party of Asperger’s types, let alone a political party, and yet we are characterized in the media as dangerous, cunning and aggressive. Mostly, we are told that we need fixed, as if wings ought to be clipped from birds because deer aren’t supposed to fly. It’s bizarre.

Asperger people are not modern social humans, nor can we be socialized. Our brains function more like so-called primitive people (Wild Humans) who inhabited pre-hypersocial environments. Asperger females are unlike modern social females; we often lack “domesticated” behavior, and prefer animals to people. When in the presence of social humans we are mystified – gob smacked by demands that make no sense to our concrete, and decidedly non-supernatural brains.


6 thoughts on “The Magic Word Syndrome / Psychology Re-Post

  1. Of course! (Unconscious) ceremonial magic(k) says that if one has the correct knowlege (and is not afraid to use that knowledge to cleverly ‘game the system’) then one can cause reality to change in accordance with one’s will. (Oh, and have the right ***marks of power***, i.e. tattoos!)

    When one can control one’s life and all that touches it to the ultimate degree – from conception to decomposition, and that to the smallest detail – e.g. “I am ***stronger*** than diabetes”(grrr!) then one has ‘achieved godhood’ (in the social world) – and one can ***demand anything*** from one’s fellows, with the expectation of getting the same.

    Sort of like the true meaning of ‘the law of attraction’ and related Normie nonsense… (spitting noise indicating disgust)


  2. If we were on the Titanic would we have made it to the lifeboats? ….
    Aspergers/Autism needs better PR for starters so that the illusion of these word(s) is/are perceived without threat, avoidance or fear.
    Normal behaviour is as you say accepted or required behaviour so that societies or governments can better control/manage their people. Normal is what the majority of society accepts as appropriate or accepted behaviour. It does not necessarily mean it to be the correct behaviour. When we are from the outside looking in normal can appear to be abnormal. But from the inside looking out it is perfectly normal. Perspective is all it is.
    Some people in authority feel threatened when they are not blindly followed. If you question why someone is doing something it makes them uncomfortable. Some may have even forgotten why they are doing what they do. Once the cracks of real thought/questioning come in society begins to wobble. That is the fear of those in authority, isn’t it?
    Television and media has a lot to answer for with the illusion of life. When the television set is switched on the mind is switched off. Sure there are some useful programs but the majority is telling us that we should never be satisfied with what we have, that more and bigger is better. And that everything that we see is to be believed. No wonder people aren’t happy.
    Equality is a word that is often used but the meaning seems to have become lost. Fairness is another. Truth is never plain anymore, it is bent and twisted to fit the purpose of the user, parts are left out and molded into a new truth, becoming far from the “original” truth. Quiet is another. People feel uneasy with quiet. They have forgotten.
    Knowledge is power and with that comes freedom to think for oneself. I think that is the path to follow and hopefully bring moments of peace of mind while observing the masses.


    • Hello! Make it to the lifeboats? I would have been yelling at the crew who dropped the boats half full and left people to drown! Probably would have gotten slugged by someone and shoved overboard. LOL Yes, we’re an unpopular bunch. I’m trying to encourage Asperger’s to speak up for ourselves; we’re getting a raw deal and this “you’re not really human stuff” is being spread via the media and tolerated. If minorities were characterized as ‘subhuman’ (which they were until recently) there would be an uproar. What if psychologists claimed that African American kids can’t learn because they’re black? Makes me so frustrated.


      • Getting off a plane my husband is always telling me to be more assertive and to stand my ground. I don’t see the point in rushing to get off a plane. You then have to wait at the baggage claim. It’s not the Titanic!


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