Sensory Deprivation Experiment / 48 Hours Isolation BBC Videos

All 5 short episodes will run automatically…

Five part BBC doc. of a 48 hour “sensory deprivation” experiment. I’m looking into “stimming” (self-stimulation) as a NORMAL reaction to finding a “proper” type and level of brain stimulation for individual humans.

Not humorous: I experienced these same “symptoms” when kept in a drug coma (due to a physical brain emergency) in a hospital for nearly two weeks, especially intense hallucinations, which often incorporated the people and activity going on around me in the hospital environment. I had assumed that the hallucinations were induced by the drugs, but after watching this experiment, I’m not sure. Was my intensely traumatic experience due at least in part to sensory deprivation? I was seriously “messed up” for months following the episode. I self-recovered by persistent exposure to – and trust in – everyday sense experience – but, the content of the hallucinations recur as intrusive memories. (There were many scenarios, locations and types of events, each having a specific “theme” – many historical and detailed and intensely lucid. It’s as if I lived several lifetimes within a “timeless” domain.) Is this lingering “recall” a PTSD-type experience? Not sure, because I don’t hallucinate the experiences, I just remember them very clearly and they are really unpleasant.

I actually think that watching the video relieves some of the “mystery” about the experience, and will help to defuse it! Give an Asperger a “concrete” explanation and much “healing” will occur.

The hospital staff did nothing regarding the after-math: refused to answer medical questions; offered no counseling, no explanation as to “what happens” in these circumstances of induced coma. There was no admission or recognition of these events at all! Another “bat-crap-crazy” neurotypical lack of empathy (and responsibility) that is so typical of the American medical industry. It’s the “black box” assumption that human beings have no “interior” reality.

But, it left me with personal insight as to what the brain is capable of doing under critical stress…and the extreme cruelty of subjecting human beings to solitary confinement as “punishment” for a variety of behaviors, whether criminal, political or social.



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