Stereotypic repetitive behaviors: Stimming / Environmental Causes

Why do psychologists ignore the facts? We are animals! What are Autistic (and typical) children trying to tell us about modern environments? That these environments are  STRESSFUL for children; humans evolved in stimulating NATURAL environments, not in restrictive, violent, emotionally barren and anxiety-driven social prisons.

If an animal is prevented from performing its “natural behaviors” it will invent abnormal compulsive behaviors to stimulate itself. Modern environments are ABNORMAL.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypic repetitive behaviors: Stimming / Environmental Causes

  1. how enlightening! i developed OCD after everyone started to tame me! as a child i was used to raom forests and i have been nonconformist and rebellious in school. after i move to large city i had to adapt to social environment which showed up as OCD in my case.. with repetitional shit i always do when i try to supress my natural behavior to conform to social norms..

    love yoour blog my soulmate 😉


    • Yes! I’m convinced that socialization of the “civilized” type has terrible consequences for most humans, who must accommodate – repress – restrict their behavior to rigid social prescriptions – distortions which create pathologies. But, some of us simply can’t be domesticated or tamed. Those who are domesticated fear “wild Nature” (us) because they are taught that Nature is “evil” but it’s simply not true that natural human behavior is evil: we’re the ones who are guided by “good instincts” of equality, fair play, recognition of proper relationships, and generous distribution of “what is needed” to survive among all people. “Nature” is our origin, not “man” the destroyer of nature.

      Good to hear from you!


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