Bizarre Medical Problem / Babies with Flat Heads

This is a bit much to take in at 6:30 a.m. (bizarro-wise) but I stumbled onto videos about “fixing” infant skull shapes when looking for info on Neanderthal skulls.

Wow! Once again, medical-tech intervention is the answer to a social deficiency in teaching / learning about our most precious “product” = NEW HUMANS.

It’s an extreme case of micromanaging “baby development” – How did Homo sapiens ever survive this long (200,000 years or so) without parents knowing all this “official stuff” about parenting?

It’s also a strong case for modern social humans being the product of neoteny: in the U.S., at least, NO ONE knows what to do with a Homo sapiens BABY! Also note that an edict which directed that babies sleep on their backs (and has saved lives) has created this unexpected consequence. Tinker, tinker, tinker: male doctors know best!

Meanwhile, in China, flat heads are desirable:

A “Normal Human” prototype exists? Does anyone (other than Puritanical American psychologists) still believe in that myth?

If only we were as concerned about what “goes into” the developing infant-child brain!

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