Outrageous Instincts / Aspie Non-Negotiable Principles

Equality, Justice, Honesty, Fair Play

These are Asperger instincts and are non-negotiable “social” imperatives.

These “ways of behaving” are not ABSTRACTIONS; each is an innate response to “getting along with” other human beings, animals, plants and the earth.

Do we “live up to” these principles? No, but we TRY ARDENTLY to do so; we expect other people to respect these “obvious good ideas” for making life tolerable and less violent. In this, we are indeed “misguided” –

Although “social typicals” say that these are foundations of democracy, and “ideals” to be followed, these mandates are anathema to the social hierarchy and are discouraged (banned) as heretical to the social order.

Do “social typicals” think we’re stupid, naïve, gullible, old-fashioned and hopelessly “nerdy” for believing in behavior based in instinctual (intuitive) sense? Yes.

These are “true instincts” – automatic responses to the “disorder” inherent in human social behavior, which if you think about, is not very civilized, kind or just.

Aspergers need to know this about themselves and to find ways to use these principles productively and to “look the other way” (not ignore) petty social clashes in everyday life; social life is petty, but also deadly serious. We are different, strange and weird in our instincts in the eyes of social typicals. They can’t help it. Their brains are different than ours. (Humor)

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