The Social Pyramid / Where do you stand? Re-Post


The pyramid is a common graphic for organizing social class and status because it  reflects social reality as it has evolved since the transformation of human culture from “flat land” hunter gatherer groups to dependence on agriculture and the urbanization that it necessitated. “Wild humans” cannot tolerate the population densities that resulted from sedentary life: all but a few groups of hunter gatherers remain today, and modern social humans are making sure that soon, none will remain. Wild Humans have been intentionally “killed off” by modern social humans over the previous 10,000 years or more, by any means available: outright murder, introduction of infectious disease, slavery, swamping of “wild” DNA by rape and captivity, massive invasion, destruction of habitat, and forced conversion to modern religions – “soul death.”

This obsessive activity toward eliminating any “wildness” from the gene pool has depleted modern human diversity: modern social humans are not only juvenalized (selected for tameness; domesticated) but lack genetic variety that would provide  adaptive depth. Unfortunately, as human and natural environments degrade, there may not be any means of adaptation to toxic water, lack of nutrition, and mass violence – except for the very few at the top of the pyramid.

Adaptation by modern social humans depends almost entirely on technology infrastructure that is extremely vulnerable to failure; a complex global cybersystem is forcing humans to adapt to “its way” of organizing reality – a very steep pyramid in which control at the top leaves human beings with few options but to “go along with” an increasingly toxic social environment.

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One thought on “The Social Pyramid / Where do you stand? Re-Post

  1. And of course, untouchables ‘aren’t even human’. (Re the Hindu dominance hierarchy…)

    I suspect the social world instinctually apprehends the ‘Hindu’ version, (or rather, Hinduism codified and legitimized instinct as it showed forth millennia ago) – and hence Hinduism is the closest ***well-documented*** written exposiition of how Normdom actually ‘thinks’.

    Oh, and its ***deeply*** saturated with serious-level ‘magick’.


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