KRAUTROCK / Full Doc – Post WWII

Thanks to for recommending this video…

Film: Aguirre the Wrath of God with Klaus Kinski. Check it out, but not if you’re already feeling depressed! LOL

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose.”

How does one define “strange behavior” in terms of German culture?

Lovely film. 

I’m Albrecht Durer, and I approve this music.


5 thoughts on “KRAUTROCK / Full Doc – Post WWII

  1. That leaves me puzzled and wondering, as I have no clue in what I haven’t been serious. Can’t rememember having joked or stated false facts. But sorry if I’ve annoyed you in any way.


    • I’m not at all annoyed. I’m in possession of Durer’s Avatar and it look’s a lot like mine (the yellow one on my blog).

      I misinterpreted “a year maybe” or “who cares” as meaning you were joking about a video. It’s the Aspie “language thing” of taking social statements literally: 1. I’ll make a video 2. No, not really. It’s a contradiction and doesn’t compute. I know this seems idiotic, but even though I know it happens, one can’t “turn it off”. It’s a simple thing that plays havoc with ordinary conversation, and remote conversation like this. I was apologizing for assuming you were literally going to make a video, (although it might be a worthwhile project) right now! As if you were going to drop everything, grab a camera and run outside and start shooting. Really? That’s how out of touch I am with “typical human life”!


      • Oh, I see. Most people are not able to get the literal meaning of statememts in conversation. Always looking for social subtext… And I also learned that when social folks amnounce something that’s not very important to them you will probably end up frustrated if you believe it’s going to happen. Statements with”never” and “always” can be translated directly to “Blah, Blah”… Functional communication is upsetting and intimidating social humans. It’s hard with them. (And I am not even an Aspie!) So yes, I’ll produce a short video about what makes Germans tick (besides world-domination and optimizing cars) and what would constitute strange behaviour in German culture I’ll try to be done with this work in September.


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