I’ve been dreaming now most mornings just before waking up: very vivid, like being there – a player in a “another universe” which I suppose the act of dreaming is much like. The contents of the brain, given a chance to build a reality of its own each night, will “talk to itself” in a way that can’t be done consciously (in verbal language).

Sometimes dreams solve problems!  I’ll set this up briefly:

I was at a beach area; thousands of happy people, in motion, in bathing suits and summer wear. So many children, laughing and energetic. Everyone a beautiful shade of brown; original or tanned – healthy looking. I was there with other people; a business trip? Some great event had occurred in the “real world” that everyone was talking about. A man I didn’t know started “hanging around” – we chatted and sat down at a large table with other people; talking, talking, talking. He became engaged in a conversation with the man next to him.

The table was very crowded – more people than there was room for, so I was crammed in next to a college student (Maybe this was spring break). I turned toward him and was practically in his lap, so I slid into his lap and hung onto his shoulders. He smiled and laughed and we talked very naturally.

Suddenly “it” happened: social censure! The area became quiet; people were staring at me. The man I had sat down with originally, got up and stomped away…

“You hurt poor So-and So’s feelings,” someone said.

There it was! I had just met old So-and-So, but he had already, in the eyes of the group, placed a tag on me, as if I were a moose he had shot; he now owned me. I was supposed to just sit there while he did whatever he felt like! This is how it always had been in “real life” – my dream was telling me how much I hate that feeling of ownership,  not only for myself, but as a foundation of the human social order. It’s crazy: “partnering up” means abandoning all but a few other human beings: and even those relationships are bound by strict conventions of behavior which become another “pyramid of power” that must be constantly re-negotiated, through bickering, obedience and subterfuge. One LOSES the world of “other people” and I find that wrong and tragic.

Ownership: It kills relationships. (Yes, this is a male moose)

Wow! The info one can find on the Internet:

To run or stay : anti-hunter behaviour of female moose

Johnsen, Steffen Masters Thesis


In Norway, hunting is the main mortality factor of moose (Alces alces), with hunters killing approximately ¼ of the fall population each year. During 2009 and 2010, I studied escape behaviour of GPS/VHF-marked female moose when disturbed by humans, using 2 different methods: 1) Observing the hourly movements of individual moose in June when calving status was checked and during the hunting season while stalked by my hunting team; 2) Comparing the daily movements of GPS–moose during the hunting season in hunting units with and without hunters. During calf checking, no female moose defended her calf by aggressive behavior (ma moose with calf are very aggressive in the U.S.!); instead, the cows moved off, covering a mean distance of 1364 m (min: 117 m, max: 7326 m) before settling down after 2 hours. This indicated that human activity in the forest during the calving season involved little risk for either calves or humans. When flushed during the hunting season, the cows moved a significantly longer distance (mean 2338 m, min: 111 m, max: 6879 m). There were large differences within and between individuals in how far they moved when flushed. Again, no individuals showed aggressive behaviour. Some consistently fled a short distance, some always a long distance, and some were inconsistent, but flight distance was unrelated to survival during the hunting season. The distances cows moved decreased during the hunting season, regardless of disturbance. When hunters were present in a hunting unit, the daily movements of moose cows within the unit increased by an average factor of 1.16 and the percentage of moose moving more than the expected upper daily travel distance increased from 10 to 16.5 %. Although most moose will be shot sooner or later, the probability of a moose being killed when observing a human was low. Some moose were able to sneak around the observer, but most fled a distance sufficient to move out of a hunting unit of mean size 13 km2. I suggest that selection by human hunters against standing still and being aggressive may be a reason for the apparent naivety of moose towards recolonizing wolves (Canis lupus) in Scandinavia.



Master in applied ecology. Evenstad 2013




Vivid Dream about “Being Social” / Tragic!

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